Monday, June 18, 2007

Erzulian Thoughts...

Erzulie steps into the elevator before a stranger glides inside behind her, barely making it in. Before gluing her eyes onto the metallic elevator doors before her, Erzulie casts the first and last curious glance on the gliding being who is now standing as still as she is.

Frisky Erzulie: Hot damn!

Conservative Erzulie: Now now, behave…

Frisky Erzulie: Did you look at that face!

Conservative Erzulie: For the love of God, keep your head down or keep staring at the elevator doors. POSTURE!

Frisky Erzulie: He’s quite tall…and I think I saw a nice nose…

Conservative Erzulie: You saw NOTHING! Feet together, keep that bored, slightly serious and insipid look on your face and you’ll be fine…

Frisky Erzulie: *grumbles*

Conservative Erzulie: Yes yes, grumble all you want. He’s probably married. Or he’s possibly one of those lazy bums who sit in the nearby mall’s cafés with equally arrogant, mindless friends who sip crappy, over-priced coffee whilst watching women flit around. He may be just a pretty face with a black heart. Or maybe he’s a drug dealer. Or a pedophile. Or…

Frisky Erzulie: Are you sure you’re not paranoid and neurotic Erzulie? Why are you so pessimistic? What if he’s a bright and actually good-hearted person?

Conservative Erzulie: What if he is? What are you going to do? Congratulate him?

Frisky Erzulie: Maybe just, “Congratulations on having a beautifully sculpted face.”

Conservative Erzulie: Yeah, such profound thoughts will last you long…

Frisky Erzulie: *sigh*

Elevator door opens and both Erzulie and the mysterious looker silently part ways.

Frisky Erzulie: Good bye my handsome prince! *prances around while tossing rose petals in the air*

Conservative Erzulie: Come along now and quit dawdling on outrageous assumptions and fantastical thoughts that amount to nothing…

Frisky Erzulie: Crap.

Conservative Erzulie: I heard that. We share the same space, remember?

A.M. - Arise [Exclusive Hammer & Funabashi Remix]
Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (Ian Carey Vocal Mix)
Petter - These Days (Luke Chables Those Days Remix)
Gorillaz - DARE
Shah And Laruso Present Global Experience - Zanzibar
Electro Prompt - Beside Me (Gothek DC Remix)
Chemical Brothers - Hold Tight London
Way Out West - Dont Forget Me (Guy Ehmetores Remix)

at 12:27 AM


  1. Blogger MiYaFuSHi posted at 1:13 AM  
    HA HA!

    Love it :D

    (so been there
  2. Blogger don_veto posted at 8:51 AM  
    Was that you ?

    ;-) just kidding.

    I like how you *prances around while tossing rose petals in the air*, it made me laugh while driving, fortunately no accident.
  3. Blogger shoosha posted at 11:33 AM  
  4. Blogger The Don ® posted at 12:18 PM  
    Hmm.. I wonder what Sigmund Freud would have said about this conversation..

    PS, it’s been a while, and missed you.. :))
  5. Blogger Peony posted at 7:54 PM  
    loooooooool.. loves it !! i think kilman has the same moments, bes you put it ib the right words ;p
  6. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:05 PM  
    Teeeee heee heee!

    (That was great :)) )
  7. Blogger Jacqui posted at 11:05 PM  
    So you've got two voices? What about me? I probably hear at least 3 if not more hehe and they always try to kick my ass :P
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 10:56 PM  
    miyafushi: :P~

    don veto: Don't drive and read! Tsk tsk don!

    shoosha: :)

    don: I actually don't like Freud. Although there's a lot of truth to his theories, I hate how his conclusions are most aptly placed on himself. And thanks :)

    peony: Seriously, it's like "Oh? What's this now? Something looks nice and scrumptious..."

    ms. baker: :))

    jacqui: Well, I could've written about the other Erzulie's in me, like the maternal, aggressive, trickster, or off-beat Erzulie...but I think these particular ones fit the scenario :P
  9. Blogger Hazolat posted at 6:28 AM  
    Hey Erzulie,

    I think this piece is one of the best things you've ever written. It sounds simple, yet it's very complex. Absolutely love it :-)

    word verification still drives me mad by the way :-)
  10. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:46 PM  
    hazolat: Thanks :)) I was hesitant but then I thought, "Why not praise a beautiful creation?" :P~

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