Monday, November 08, 2010

Question of the Day: What’s with the pseudo-workaholic syndrome?

I know someone who always responds the same way to anyone who asks him/her about how they are. “Oh my God I just came back from work! I am so exhausted! I think I’m going crazy” and the person would roll their eyes and exasperatingly look at their watch that just struck 9 PM. I’ve grown accustomed to such braggarts (especially those in investment; everyone knows you don't have squat since 2007) and how to dodge or discontinue their speech by diverting their attention and saying something like, “Oh wow. So did you hear about that new movie?” But I know a lot of people who, out of courtesy, curiosity or sometimes, mockery, would fuel their fire and say, “Mashallah, you don’t say?” The so-called workaholic’s face would momentarily light up before he/she wipes the imaginary sweat off their foreheads and resume their rant about their job, long and hard hours at work, catty colleagues, hateful management that cannot do anything right and other cringe-worthy situations. And this syndrome applies to everyone in the work force. I’ve heard it from people that regularly leave their job at 1:30 PM and others who scoot their office chair under their work desk a little bit after 10 at night. In other words, the syndrome does not single out one industry or the private vs. public sector. I’ve noticed that many people, regardless of their job’s nature, constantly need a pat on the back. They need to be acknowledged for their efforts by everyone they come across, glorified for their dedication and worshipped for their righteousness in everything that they do, in and out of work. Now I know some people who do put a lot of time and effort in their jobs and they do chuckle and tell their close acquaintances that they’re dealing with a large amount of work; however, they do not complain about their job and how they lose five kilograms a day because of all the work they do every single time you see them.

But to those who sound like a broken record in their self-important tirade, if you want to be appreciated for going to work, sitting at your desk and drafting a few emails, then you should go to someone who’s willing to hear you out like your parents; spare others the speech, spill it to the folks and have them tell you what a wonderful person you are and that any company would be lucky to have you.

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  1. Blogger MBH posted at 3:51 PM  
    It's because they're not really accomplishing anything, or if any, nothing of substance, so they need to emphasize on how important they are to fool people and hopefully cling to their position, or should management decide to sack them anyway, they'd ask for a job elsewhere (where they have ranted) and they'd be quickly hired due to their "high dedication and hard work."
  2. Blogger Temetwir posted at 1:58 AM  
    on the contrary, i actually pride myself introvertly in not going to work 3-4 days a week and when asked at the gym what it is i'm doing here 'so early' (9am-1pm) i just moan and whine about elborsa.. i don't think i ever 'think' about work when i'm not at work.. which is why i'm having these weird thoughts right now..?

    way i'd put it is that i regard my job as a hobby.. which im not really THAT interested in

    what about u, what's ur story?
  3. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:25 AM  
    MBH: exactly :)

    Temetwir: no story on my part! guess it's ok to rant but like everything else, there's a limit :l
  4. Blogger Delicately Realistic posted at 5:25 PM  
    I think ppl in Kuwait should be happy and grateful for actually having a job and being paid for it.

    I wrote a post about working ppl in Kuwait recently.

    Theyre all bitter, they all hate their jobs, their bosses, no goals, or aspirations cuz everything is handed to them on a plate.

    Im sick of them.
    And im also sick of all the fwd msgs i get about everyone 'hating sundays' and how time doesnt pass at work and when will it be the weekend.

    This is really getting on my nerves.
  5. Blogger MBH posted at 11:59 PM  
    I came across this article about how to deal with people who hate to work, and it had characteristic resemblance to people you described:
  6. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:25 PM  
    DR: You know what, I think the fact that these people are ungrateful is the sad bit here. And what sucks even more is that when people vocalize their work related frustrations at work (but try to keep everything general ie no-name policy) because that negativity, even eye-rolling and sighing out loud, is so contagious. I wish some people can step back, see the big picture and be thankful for what they've got.

    MBH: See above comment. I think it's also a combo of insecurity + ungratefulness at times...
  7. Blogger MBH posted at 12:36 PM  
    I think the problem stems from the fact that people have gotten used to being spoon fed: Guaranteed jobs, even for those without higher education, and a guarantee that a Kuwaiti will not be fired.

    Since no one is fired for their continuous absence and negligence, they keep doing it, without caring that it's delaying/stopping other people's business/errands.

    Another issue is the lack of understanding to the value of money. Since they make no work, they still get paid, and when they reach a stage where they can't afford what they *want* (vs need), they say we want more money.
    Of course, at the same time most of them aren't doing any work & are dumping it on the poor foreigners.

    A dude who just got a job, would immediately go to Porsche and put on a heavy loan just to get the fancy car. A few years later, he whines that his salary isn't enough!

    Enforce laws, make them work, fire violators, and the attitude will change.
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:47 PM  
    MBH: i think if violators get fired then a large percentage of governmental employees will lose their jobs. everyone who fits that profile continues to do nothing because they can simply get a way with it. and by the way, not all foreigners are poor hard working people that should be pitied. you'd be surprised at how many have below average educational backgrounds and experience but make the best out of their smart mouth and blue eyes. but that's another issue altogether...
  9. Blogger MBH posted at 9:49 PM  
    I see that you have a certain hate for Lebanese marketing/sales drones, like me :P

    Honestly, I don't have a single feeling of pity for anyone who doesn't do their job, be it Kuwaiti or none.
    If you don't do you job, you're literally stealing money. A thief.
  10. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:00 PM  
    MBH: I won't comment at that but let's just say that the scammathon doesn't start and end with the Lebacheese. And I guess some people feel all right with their thieving ways :(
  11. Blogger MBH posted at 9:09 PM  
    Sweet talking & butt kissing has two parties involved: the giver & receptor. Both are to be blamed. The first for his cunning & the second for his gullibility.

    It amazes me how there are grown ups with the behavior of 4 year old kids, and not get officially labeled Retarded.
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 10:29 AM  
    MBH: Agreed!
  13. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:26 AM  
    Hall & Oates ?
    The Smiths ?

    looks like somebody was watching a movie havent they ? :>

    sorry for the side topic. i came late to the discussion so no need to add anything
  14. Blogger Erzulie posted at 1:06 PM  
    q80thug: old is gold :)
  15. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 5:04 PM  
    no seriously: did you watch the movie '500 days of summer' ?

    if not then watch it and then look at your play list of this post :>
  16. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:39 AM  
    q80thug: i did & i didn't like it (the guy was pathetic & clingy). i don't remember the soundtrack so no, the movie wasn't inspiration for my MP3s :>

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