Sunday, October 25, 2009

Restaurant Review: MUNCH Caters Away!

Last week, I got a call from MUNCH, the nifty little restaurant that's located on the bottom floor of Dar Al-Awadhi Mall, Sharq, Kuwait. I was asked if I was willing to give MUNCH's catering service a try and in return, write a post about the whole experience.

I was psyched. I was going to do two things I love: write a critical post and enjoy free food. I've been to MUNCH only once; I'm not well-informed about the nature of their food and menu's content. Nevertheless, I thought it would be neat to try something new.

MUNCH's crew arrived at the door right on time. They swiftly made themselves home with their grill, cutting board and all. All we needed to have was plates and cutlery.

First up were the small margarita and pepperoni pizzas, both with the most amazing buffalo mozzarella I tasted in Kuwait. What surprised me was how light and greaseless they both were. I'm more or less a health-conscious eater; I usually avoid pizza and opt for a dish that's borderline Atkins. But the pizzas' intense freshness put my dietary thoughts to rest, which is probably the reason why I wolfed down seven slices (and amused myself with the fun stretchy nature of the fantabulous cheese).

Next was, in my opinion, the centerpiece of everything: the lamb chops. Now, the only lamb chops my mouth watered for are the ones my father grills at the chalet. But these six, zesty babies had something else that I love: they were crispy on the outside and oh-so-juicy in the inside. In other words, they were made just the way I like 'em.

After the lamb chops were wiped out, the mini-burgers came along with the right amount of onions, ketchup, mayo and of course, my favorite, melted cheddar cheese. The thing that I liked about the burgers was that the bread that was used wasn't bready. Whether it's a burger or sandwich, I always opt for a softer kind of bread that wouldn't overwhelm the burger/sandwich's contents.

The next platter was a handful of steak tacos which is basically sliced up steak meat, avocado salsa and spicy sauce all wrapped up in warm tortilla bread. I like my tacos hot; a dash of Tabasco sauce gave me the punch that I wanted.

Before we nibbled on our dessert, we were served the last meaty dish of the night: Wagyu steak. Although the lamp chops were my favorite dish of the night, I have to say that you can never go wrong with quality-packed Wagyu beef. A little bit of gravy on the side would've been a good side to have, but in general, the actual steak itself, its tenderness, taste and feel was quite exceptional.

For dessert, we had a fun and delicious mini-Nutella and strawberry pizza. I prefer to counter meat-heavy meals with something fruity, and the miniature pizza did the job.

In summary, I think that MUNCH's catering service is best for people who look for quality-oriented, customized, convenient and wholesome,multi-course gourmet food that has a flavorsome touch of home cooked meals. If I ever had a dinner gather of eight to twenty people, MUNCH would be my go-to place. Instead of having an ordinary meal, I'd get to pick and choose between what I want and how I want it from my own private chef.

You can take a look at the menu and pricelist below. Speaking of the menu, I did have my fair share of input directed to MUNCH. I suggested they have salads, different sides of gourmet chips and a larger selection of desserts to which MUNCH replied that they do have all three. Their full catering menu offers nine salads (each serve about 8 people), an assortment of crispy chips, ten mini-desserts and a variety of canapés that are all available by dozen orders.

And concerning my comment about having sauce on the side of the Wagyu, MUNCH promptly replied that they're currently working on a diverse range of sauces and dips that will complement their meat which is another factor that I liked about the restaurant; although their menu isn't aimed for those who are pinching and scraping, MUNCH's prices give you your money's worth with its strict adherence to using only high-quality, gourmet meat.

For more information, visit MUNCH's blog at or simply call at 22322747.

And last but never least, it's been quite a while since I had some rap and hip-hop in here. So, here you go, hop to what's forever hip.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Remember Mr. Oizo?

For three months, Flat Eric was on TV, bumping along to Quentin Dupieux aka Mr. Oizo's (pronounced Wah-zoh) famed electro house track "Flat Beat." The quirky yellow puppet was soon revealed to be part of Levi's jeans campaign. Sales shot through the roof and the super track lived on. Check out a few of the commercials below:

Download Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat" track (zSHARE).

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Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 Flies By...

"Hey, remember the time we took a picture right here a few months ago?"
"Yeah I do!" I replied, "Want to take another one right now?" I asked him.

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Booker T & The MG's - Green Onions if you don't love this...go away :P
Eric Burdon & The Animals - When I Was Young
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Derek & The Dominoes - Layla
Cream - Crossroads
Dick Dale & The Del-Tones - Let's Go Trippin'

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