Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rise of the Killer Buses

Is anyone noticing how fast the buses or rather, the manic bus drivers are driving nowadays? Apart from speeding down the highway and on the left lane, these gigantic buses move from lane to lane as if they were old beetles and not fatal chunks of metal that crush any and everything. I don’t blame the bus drivers as much as I blame whoever gave them an okay to drive. I sometimes wonder if I should memorize the bus’ license plate so I can report the bus driver’s poor and reckless driving skills. But if their careless ways on the road is apparent to all, will any report matter or should I continue honking my horn and wagging my finger at fast and furious bus drivers?

PS I just want to warn everyone to never watch the movie “Dear John.” I was hoping it would be a greatly written story with the perfect amount of romance (and a pinch of tasteful sap) a la “The Notebook.” Let’s just say it was so bad that it actually turned my mood from bubbly to oh-so-bad. And why oh why does any director think of hiring the talentless Channing Tatum let alone actually do it? The braindead, blank-faced actor sucked every bit of authenticity to the already blandly drafted script. It’s basically a movie with no heart or soul, just a big pile of muck. Needless to say, I popped the movie out of my DVD player and dropped it right where it belongs: the trash.


Dee Edwards - Why Can't There be Love You might've heard this hot tune on the Adidas ads that are on MBC

Johnny Winter - Don't Take Advantage of Me

Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Shake Your Moneymaker

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