Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Question of the Day: Is there any way of getting magazines safely through Kuwait’s Customs?

Like many women I adore magazines. Whenever I travel I always head straight to the duty free and get my hands on my beloved Glamour and sometimes Elle, InStyle, World of Interiors and occasionally Cosmopolitan. I never buy any of these magazines in Kuwait since all of them have black markers on women wearing exposed clothing and worse, torn out pages. What’s even more irritating is that even home décor magazines have black markers crossing out nude statues and paintings.

I asked a few people about alternative ways to get my favorite magazines through Kuwait’s Customs without having them censored to nonsensical pieces. A colleague of mine who downloads soft copy versions of her favorite magazines suggested I do the same, but I prefer flipping through a magazine rather than scrolling down it. When I asked her if there’s any way of getting the real deal in Kuwait without putting my magazines through the black marker, pages ripped out episode, she replied, “My cousin used to know someone in Camp Doha. He mailed the magazines he wanted under the name of the person he knows who’s in the US military base and that person handed it over to him.”

Since I don’t know anyone in any US military base in Kuwait – and the whole process is a bit too hairy for me – or Kuwait’s Customs for that matter, I was wondering if there’s any possible way of getting my fave magazines to my door without having them go through any unnecessary inspection.

Many people told me that my request is impossible. Then again, I know that I’m not the only person who has this specific want – especially since my magazines are for my personal usage and their content isn’t tasteless or vulgar (and I don’t believe anything in this world is impossible).

Do you have a solution to my query?

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Monday, August 02, 2010

20 Years


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