Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chips & Chunks

It has been a while since I’ve done Chips & Chunks. Here it goes!

Habchi & Chalhoub is Racist?

A friend of mine works in a fashion magazine. Her boss invited her to Habchi & Chalhoub’s sample sale. Naturally, my friend was surprised, “I did not know that they even had a sample sale.” The boss replied coolly, “Laikehhhh, they do, but it is not made public because Kuwaitis can afford the retail price.” No comment.

Baby Fever

Well, not really. A few of my friends have had their first and even second baby. Although I am not thinking of having one of my own any time soon, I am curious to know what my baby is going to look like. So I went online and Googled “What my baby will look like” and found a few sites that take parents’ pictures and morphs them to make a baby. And here’s what I got!

The first baby is all right although a bit creepy. The second baby is downright fugly. It looks like a troll! That morphing site seriously did not do my husband or my picture any justice! At the end of the day, I just hope that I will have a healthy baby that will not be a big fan of sleepless nights.

Indian Heritage

About two weeks ago, I met up with my mother in the Cloth Souq in Kuwait City because I wanted to refurbish my living room’s sofas and like any daughter, I needed her expert opinion. Since she was running late, I wandered into the building behind the main block. One of the stores that I went into was the Indian Heritage shop. I remember buying crape fabric from them a year ago; they do have a fabulous collection of breathtaking fabrics. I took my time looking at their colorful, sequined cloths and airy, casual blouses that are great for the beach and even for the chalet since you do not have to wear an undershirt underneath.

I looked beyond the cottony shirts and robes only to discover a new section that just opened about two months ago. Located at the far right of the store, right after a few stairs, was a corner that had the most wonderful clothes made by Indian designers. After I oohed and aahed over the intricate designs and uniquely styled clothes, I looked even further to discover quite a large area that had some striking furniture shipped all the way from India. Who knew that all that was in Indian Heritage!

Jazzy MP3's...

Cannonball Adderley - One for Daddy-O

Cannonball Adderley - Dancing in the Dark

Miles Davis - Half Nelson

at 8:30 AM


  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:37 PM  
    based on the pictures alone, i recommend not having babies at all, lol.

    the Indian heritage woodcraft section has been there long than 2 months for sure. i bought a ghatam from them last year! its looks simple to play but it really isnt. and let me tell you your fingers has to be dry as rock to have sounds comnig out of the ghatam like that

    Ghatam instrument (wiki)
    ghatam lesson video (must watch!)

    thank you so much for the jazz tracks. again my music journey have been enriched
  2. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:29 AM  
    q80thug: we'll see what my baby'll look like :) cool vid! and you're most welcome :>
  3. Anonymous haroun el rachid posted at 5:17 AM  
    Well, if you've liked Indian heritage store that much you will sure as hell freak out at fab-india emporia, especially the one at Kalaghoda in Mumbai's bohemian district of Colaba near the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. visit
    You enjoy now!
  4. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:26 PM  
    haroun: i REALLY want to go to india!
  5. Anonymous Skoulikimou posted at 8:16 PM  
    hey guys do you know the shop location?
  6. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:55 PM  
    skouli: yup! it's in kuwait city right next to Kuwait's Chamber of Commerce (it's on the same street on the side). park somewhere there and ask where soug al safat or where the cloth souk is. someone will direct you to it and inside the mall with the little boutiques you'll find indian heritage, it's a pretty big store!

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