Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day

Mom said, "Erzulie! Take it off now!" So...it's off. Mom wins. All the time.

I finally figured out why our friend Mr. Tab is anti-Valentine’s Day: he is married to two women! Valentine’s Day is probably the worst day of the year for him. I mean, if Valentine’s Day happened in a span of two days, I think he would be all for it because he would split his time and love for both his women in a fair and just manner. But since it is one day dedicated to the one you love, I really do not know how he might pull it off! And I really doubt he would propose a dinner with them both present. If he chooses to take one out to a romantic dinner in secret, I am sure the news will get out and reach wife number two, who will surely be secretly furious and might think, “Maybe I should not bake him his favorite pie any more,” which would be a reasonable reaction. And since he is not completely dull, I am sure he would not want anything to come between him and his beloved pie.

Mr. Tab, just because you’ve made your bed doesn’t mean that everyone has to jump in and lie in it with you. Most of us believe in and have one spouse. Although we do not believe in the religious aspect concerning the occasion itself, I believe it is our right to celebrate the day of love with no intrusions since, unlike you, we have the luxury of having none with the exception of a flat tire or nasty waiter. I know deep down you want to frolic in the streets, hand in hand with your two wives, sing songs of love and adoration while throwing rose petals on every doorstep. But you can’t. So let everyone be. Although it’ll be lonely, I do wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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Joan Baez - Love Song to a Stranger
Sweetwater - Here We Go Again
Marvin Gaye - Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
Blood, Sweat & Tears - You Made Me So Very Happy

In loving memory of the most extraordinary Whitney...
Whitney Houston - I'm Your Baby Tonight

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