Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Guessing Game: What's in Her Hijab?

A- Bowling Ball

B- Watermelon

C- Toilet Roll

D- Cat in a Bag

E- A Can of Pringles

F- Other (List Below)

Donna Summers - Hot Stuff
Duran Duran - Girls on Film
Stevie Wonder - She's a Bad Mamma Jamma
Tone Loc - Wild Thing
Queen - Fat Bottom Girls
Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady

at 12:32 AM


  1. Blogger EniGma posted at 2:25 AM  
    the huge flower brooches (some1 told me)
  2. Blogger EniGma posted at 2:28 AM  
    gou6y roub
  3. Blogger don_veto posted at 2:31 AM  
    Four calling birds,
    Three French hens
    Two turtle doves,
    And a partridge in a pair tree.
  4. Blogger Navy Girl posted at 4:20 AM  
    LOOOOOOOOL :D yep Enigma is right .. i've heard that once .. go6y roub !!
  5. Blogger error posted at 7:41 AM  
    looks like the london guard
  6. Blogger Evil Knievel posted at 9:21 AM  
    naaah... it's a lot of hot air that escapes thru little holes in her skull!!
  7. Blogger Traveleer posted at 9:35 AM  
    I will bet on gou6i Nedo full of cement
  8. Blogger Broke posted at 9:35 AM  
    A Teddy Bear !

    Wallah .. no joke .
  9. Blogger 1001 Nights posted at 12:47 PM  
    I've heard about the goo6i rob thing. I thought it was a "7ashwa"- you know the stuff they put for a tsree7a in salonat? Broke's idea sounds true though.
  10. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 12:56 PM  
    LoL I loved the post !

    you are so right, I am a girl and I dunno how others girl make a joke of themselves this way. It looks so lame. Can't they see its ugly?

    A petit girl with a big football under her 7jab or even a basketbal
    or even a 6weela habeela girl o ako warma 3ouda fog ras'ha we3 we3 we3
    whyyyyy !!!!

    bel sayara ras'ha 6aag leisgaf I swear @@ ..

    Why would they follow such a stupid trend without even thinking if this suits them or not :/

    once I was about to pull one girl's 7jaab to know whats under there..

    a dead duck?

    upside down 6asa?

    wzaar em3afas?

    mafrash 6awla emkawwar?

    we3 :x

  11. Blogger Kthekuwaiti posted at 12:57 PM  
    Its 'goo6y roub' ..

    The cone is used to signify long flowing hair which entails that the said female is single and seeking.

    Do I know too much .. definitely.
  12. Anonymous chikapappi posted at 12:59 PM  
    I'm met7ajba & I've noticed that too n' wondered, ow the hell could they ave it that high!? O I heard anna that's a gou6y roub... nafs TV antennas!
  13. Blogger Financy posted at 1:03 PM  
    KaaaaK ,

    maybe there is a small baby inside ..
  14. Anonymous pearls posted at 1:36 PM  
    F- I hear it's feathers probably taken from a feather duster and I'll confirm the yoghurt cups because that was published in the paper some time ago.

    error, it sure does look like it lol!
  15. Blogger MiYaFuSHi posted at 1:37 PM  
    Her 'little' black book
  16. Blogger The Don ® posted at 1:54 PM  
    I choose F

    مطبّج سمك
  17. Blogger shoosha posted at 2:27 PM  
    i've heard that in saudi arabia girls do this to show that their "single and available" faa maybee kuwaities are just copying them (that is if my info is right)... baas like enigma said i heard they were the flower brooches and i've also heard it was roob and the ne5ee and bajila container :P
  18. Blogger Carly posted at 3:11 PM  
    wasn't there something about the end of times when women's hair would look like camel humps?
  19. Blogger eshda3wa posted at 3:41 PM  
    a dolls head
  20. Blogger snookie posted at 3:50 PM  
    my dad once asked someone and he was told that they put empty yogurt containers.. LOOOL :D
  21. Blogger brightside4 posted at 5:02 PM  
    yeah it is those flower brooches. i know..someone :| that wears them.
  22. Anonymous luwy posted at 5:23 PM  
    igolon qo6i rob or il 7ashwa malat il tasre7a
  23. Anonymous simsim posted at 5:53 PM  
    it's definitely the huge flower brooches , or they just put their hairs in bun's and swirl it with a long scarfs,, i've seen some girls do it ...
    i've been told it shows that u have long hair which is thought of as attractive by lot of men .. lol
    girls can get pathetic at times.
  24. Blogger N. posted at 6:01 PM  
    lol! Maybe that's her real hair under there, sort of like Marge Simpson.
  25. Blogger Mathai posted at 7:15 PM  
    It's a water storage system for the hot summer season in kuwait !
  26. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:47 PM  
    toilet paper :P
  27. Blogger Babbler posted at 7:48 PM  
    For certain it is a large flowery hair-clip, they were a trend of the 80's. A patient at work took it off from under her hejab when we asked her to lie down for examination.
  28. Anonymous red for now posted at 7:56 PM  
    An inflated airbag—to protect what's left of their paltry brain cells (most of which have melted away in the brutal Kuwaiti sun). This is a ridiculous trend. They look so unbelievably UGLY! Serious competition for "Aliens." I'm not surprised that this hideousness would come to us from Saudi Arabia. It just confirms my theory that we are being infiltrated by them! Run, run for the hills and don't look back! They're H-E-R-E!!!!!!

    My husband thinks it's where they all hide their windup key!
  29. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:13 PM  
    Holy goes!

    enigma: What are "huge flower brooches"? What do they look like? And wouldn't goo6i roub/plastic yoghurt container fall off? It has to be strapped on or something...

    donveto: Haha, maybe! You never know :P~

    navy: Well, if you ever share a public restroom's mirror with a girl wearing one, you might get the chance to see what she's hiding under there if she happens to adjust it...Be on the look out!

    error: I used red and yellow because they're the most eye catching colors...and I'm being nice here, no usual flash like sequins and glittery stuff...

    evil: Hot air...maybe. There should be some sort of device made for this, you know, an adjustable balloon of air, sort of like a whoopi cushion but without the sound of course (the sound would a nice addition though, a talking hijab?)

    traveleer: Nido 3ad!

    broke: I can see it as an alternative to the mystery that they're using now, but I think they have to tear away its arms, legs and maybe its head depending on how prominent it is...

    1001: I know those "7ashwa"'s...I suppose that that might be true, seeing as how they come in different sizes. But isn't it bothersome to have that on one's head throughout the day?

    anon/Noni: *laughs at the examples* I don't know about you, but I thought the hijab was supposed to make a girl less sexually appealing. This directly cons people into thinking that there's a mass of gorgeous hair under there...Ah the subtlety of Kuwaiti women...

    K: Lol, exactly. And I'm not too sure about the gou6i roub. What about the possible lingering smell of dairy? What if the girl bumps into a wall and the yoghurt container gets damaged or something? Nice hair with a dent doesn't really work...

    chikappi: It's too high, it's high. I wonder how it all started...

    financy: That's...creepy :P

    pearls: Won't the feathers poke out though? Sort of like those cheap bed pillows that poke your cheek...

    miyafushi: It's like an alternative to a purse. There's good storage room up there...

    thedon: Lol :P~

    shoosha: Why not a clean ball of yarn? Why use something that had food in it? All right, they could take an unused container of beans, but how long would that last them? Euw :/

    carly: Oh really? Well that's a first. I guess camel hump hair triggered the beginning of our end.

    eshda3wa: Freaky. I got an image of Chucky. I prefer the image of the the flimsy plastic container...

    snookie: I seriously doubt it. I want proof!

    brightside4: What are those again? Never heard of them. I know flower, I know brooches, but I don't know them as one thing.

    luwy: I'm backing up the "7ashwa."

    simsim: "Sometimes"? More like every time they skip out of the house! The self-contradictory things people do for attention...

    n: I doubt it's real hair. Otherwise, they'd end up in the Guiness Book of World Records.

    mathai: That MIGHT work actually :P

    amu: Soft and clean, why not? :P

    babbler: I might Google that 80's fad and see what you're talking about...

    red: *laughs at wind-up key* Well, I hope it'll fade away as quickly as it came!
  30. Blogger Sumit posted at 9:39 PM  
    i think that she had lost lot of hairs and then she must have got artificial hairs from saloon and had glued it to the existing one. it didnt made things better but worse off so she hid it in her hijab... hahaha and when another girl saw her and thought it must be the latest fashion and copied it....... lol
  31. Anonymous Meem posted at 10:15 PM  
    I guess it is a new way to carry the baby inside their Hijab. :/
  32. Blogger brightside4 posted at 11:51 PM  
    Erzulie, they're basically these hair clips that you clip all your hair to the back of your head with. However, they have taken the form of a big puffed up flower. Mostly green or red in color.
  33. Blogger Judy Abbott posted at 12:57 AM  
    once i asked one of them and her answer was " do you know the noodles cups? choose the size you need and use it,, its easy to control "

    :) so there you go
  34. Blogger snookie posted at 5:07 AM  
    well i can't ambush one and tell her "feskhay!!" :P
  35. Blogger The Don ® posted at 9:35 AM  
    Meem, wow. Interesting approach, something like how the cangaroos carry their children? And they say evolution is a myth.. cangaroo like women are starting to surface in this part of the world..
  36. Anonymous commenter posted at 9:38 AM  
    LOL! I call them Aliens :P I'm sure one girl wears like a big flower hair clip...well if these Aliens are wearing 7jab out of religious concern then they should straight-up know that it's 7aram to wear it like that, it's in the holy Qur'an, something about them looking like they have a camel hump....I'm not sure if someone else mentioned it here before :P
  37. Anonymous Yousef posted at 10:46 AM  
    Mobile Air Conditioning system built into the hijab to keep them cool in the hot Kuwaiti weather.. now thats a great business.. hmmm...
  38. Blogger Erzulie posted at 2:02 PM  
    All right commenting on everything is tiring, so here goes:

    judy: That'll be a no-no my dear. Personally, I can voice my opinion on it and criticize it but I truly believe that one is free to wear whatever in her hijab no matter how contradictory it is to the hijab, whether it be a flower brooch or a little bunny. Their families let them out like this; if they didn't comment on it then be it (!)

    thedon: I'm sorry but I have this...allergy to spelling mistakes? Kangaroo with a "C" don! Tsk tsk! :P~
  39. Blogger jambino posted at 2:31 PM  

    Someone should patent a hijab pump system whereby a pump is placed in the girl's armpit and connected by a hose to a hydraulic baloon thingy hidden inside her hijab. Upon squeezing the pump (doing the chicken dance) the hijab goes up and down just like the homies do with their pimped 1964 Chevies.

    You'll stand to make millions, I'm telling ya. :)
  40. Blogger Carly posted at 3:22 PM  
    Erzulie, yes, it is one of the minor signs of the end of times. It is not in the Qur'an but the hadith. Also, interestingly, that bedouins would compete in building tall buildings...
  41. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 5:39 PM  
    I first saw this zany hijab on Emaratee girls in Dubai last year. I heard the goo6ee roob thing, and it kinda grossed me out to think of one's hair smelling like yoghurt.

    Psychologically, I think this comes from a place in these girls that wants to feel like a princess - you know, like princesses in those old fairytales, wearing cone headgear with the bit of gauzy chiffon floating in the air out of the cones apex, along with those big billowy ball gowns with dainty satin ballet flats...

    Of course, I am way off base here and caught up in my own silly daydream ;) I just find those conehead gals amusing.

    P.S. Don't you love Donna Summer? :) On the Radio and Hot Stuff are two of my all time favorites... Fat Bottom Girls is my personal anthem on my chocolate saturated fat days too...just loved your choices!
  42. Blogger mark posted at 6:00 PM

    oh yeah - yello
  43. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:42 PM  
    jambino: Lol :P Well, never say never! Might actually happen one day...hmm...

    carly: Holy shit! (Literally!)
    And what's this about bedouins building taller buildings? Is that a hadith as well? If it is I just think it's weird i.e. discriminatory :/ I know some bedouins (not the hardcore ones) and they're all right...that sounded clueless but whatever...

    mark: OH YEAHHHH! *currently downloading it on Limewire* This made my night!!!! I actually told my mom about it hoping she'd know what I'm talking about. All I got back was a weird look. Hurrah!! Thanks! And...and...and...oh yeahhhhhh...chika chikahhhhhh...*giggles*
  44. Blogger Carly posted at 10:37 PM  
    Yes, that is in the hadith too. I think, though I do not speak Arabic, that it could be 'shepherds' rather than bedouins. There is also the one about women being dressed but who look naked. It all seems rather timely.
  45. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:30 AM  
    carly: Shepherds? Well, I don't know about that. And women looking naked although they're fully dressed...check! Crap, I wonder how much time we have left here...*sighs*
  46. Anonymous Prophet of Random posted at 9:38 AM  
    A pair of rolled up socks
  47. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:52 AM  
    I am one of them that wears it like that, first it stop the flippin thing falling of your head every ten mins and the second thing is to show that you have long hair to attract .........
  48. Blogger EniGma posted at 10:15 AM  
    anonymous, you didn't tell us what's in yours
  49. Blogger Erzulie posted at 10:59 AM  
    prophet: With shoe laces to keep them in place.

    anon: Wouldn't you prevent the hijab from falling off with a pin? Anyhow, it's your choice whether to put something in there or not, but personally, I just think it contradicts the purpose of the hijab since it's supposed to conceal and not to falsely reveal what one has under there i.e. supposed thick hair. Anyway...

    enigma: Yeah I was wondering about that too.
  50. Blogger Moey posted at 2:26 AM  
    well, I heard they put sponge in there
  51. Anonymous Reem posted at 4:48 AM  
    hey, interesting topic! ;p

    guess what, 3indy pics 7ag hathol il clips, i made a trip to a soog sha3by 3ashan ashoofhum ib my eyes o asaddig, fa do u want to post them ib ur blog? if yes, let me know
  52. Anonymous PARAchuu posted at 3:24 PM  
    the shopping :D
  53. Anonymous snorbi-lici0us posted at 9:07 AM  
    if she's from minnesota, she's hiding a keg of beer (look for the tubes!) or a big fried cheeseball.
    if she's crazy teabagger, it's a (concealed carry) shoebomb (look for the wires!).

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