Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Question of the Day: Are guys turned on by airheads?

I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day and as usual, the conversation shifted to what men want and vice versa. "I know that so and so had his 30-something year old eyes on this pretty little thing in her early twenties. When he was told that she was a bit of an airhead, he just shrugged and said, 'Why not?'" I hate to generalize here but let's just say that some men prefer their women to have an education that is the same or lower than theirs. Anything above that will possibly threaten their ego, masculinity and sense of self and also, sense of control in the relationship. Plus, being married to such a powerful woman (and by power I do not mean a b-word who does everything to get her way) seems more like a challenge than a promising opportunity. And this does not just include men who are narrow-minded, not so cultured or well-traveled. It's an ego thing, and all men have egos.

You (read: man) might say, "I don't mind if I marry someone smarter than me or has more income." Although that's a ballsy thing to say out loud, I won't believe it until it's coming from a man who is actually living it and does not mind it at all.

Another friend of mine who's been married for two years (or so) told her husband, "What would you do if one day I make more money than you?" Although it was theoretical, her husband just smirked at the thought. Keep in mind that her hubby is an Ivy League graduate in his late thirties.


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  1. Anonymous Ecletic Kuwaiti posted at 12:10 PM  
    I hope thats not true.

    What type of intelligent interesting conversation does a guy expect to have with someone much younger and less educated than him?

    They should be on the same level or at least have similar thinking.
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 12:14 PM  
    im indifferent on having someone who earns more than i do. but ballsy truth be told: im turned on by women with higher intellect than me or having i higher degree than me

    (i got the hots for this lady who has a triple masters degree! @@ )

    *rapid eyebrow wiggling*
  3. Blogger Erzulie posted at 1:09 PM  
    eclectic: maybe some aren't interested in conversation as much as they're looking for someone whose replies consist of "ahhh, you're so right! oooh! you're so smart!" agreed with your last point.

    q80thug: that's very sweet, but a turn-on is different from living with it. if you ever do, see if you still think the same way (and if it's for the best, then i hope you will!)
  4. Blogger Touché posted at 12:11 AM  
    I guess the key point is that it will remain merely rhetorical until someone speaks out of experience. A smart girl will always feed her man's ego and make sure he is secure with her superior mentality/education/knowledge

    Now, what if we shift the question around, "What would a girl think of marrying someone who has less education?"

    To think about it, there is no answer to it, every couple are unique, it's the girl's role to make sure that she's not intimidating her partner and trying to switch their roles and make him lose the control he is created with.
  5. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:46 PM  
    Touche: Agreed with everything you said :) touche! :P
  6. Blogger Traveleer posted at 2:02 PM  
    hello Erzulie :)

    I am always attracted to mature and educated women. Air heads might interest me for an hour or 2 then I just get boooored.
    As Touche said, every couple is unique and it all boils down to the personalities of the couple.
    Besides, educated or not all women are a pain in the butt when you discuss an issue with them.. you can never win
  7. Anonymous Trevelyana posted at 9:39 AM  
    I call b.s on the men that claim they don't mind a 'smarter' woman. Maybe it's a complex of sorts. I've seriously mentioned my profession to get rid of pesky guys on a night out, aaand it works, all the time.

    It's an ancient reflex, so ya.. phe phi pho phum, don't worry baby I'm totally dumb.
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:13 PM  
    traveleer: haha, maybe! depends on the issue and depends on the woman :)

    trevelyana: yup, you'd want a guy who respects and admires your profession instead of one who runs for the hills when you mention it (!)

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