Friday, September 22, 2006


The raucous children skipped from door to door, gorging on their sweet treats and bland nuts. They knew which houses had the best candy and which ones had none at all. Some homes would send elderly housekeepers to the door to scoop out chunky portions of sugary delights.

Others had an older sibling shovel small yet appreciated amounts of bonbons. Some households cheerily escorted their entire family, especially the young ones, to the front door as they commanded the eager crowd to sing a song in a newborn’s name.

However, there was always that one house that was saved to end the darkening night. The front door was usually clouded with overgrown vines that blinded the blinking lampposts. The only sound that escaped the walls was the busy crickets. Its keeper was never seen; mothers scolded their children for buzzing the mythical being’s bell, “You have the entire block before you, why do you have to disturb his old soul!”

But the curious children never listen.
“I wonder how he looks like.”
“He never comes out. He usually ignores us.”
“Yes, but remember once, last year, he sent out his housekeeper to send us away.”
“Well, that’s only his housekeeper…”

And the small army continued their deep conversation as the younger ones in the bunch remained silent and listened attentively to the plan.

“I say we all line up next to the door and ring the bell until he comes out!”
The cluster of heads raised their sweaty, sticky fists in the air and charged toward the mysterious grounds.
They rang the bell once, twice, and thrice!

Yet nothing happened.
“Let me try,” the eldest member planted an impatient finger on the bell and never ceased to stop ringing it.

Suddenly, they heard a loud bang followed by steps that thudded against the ceramic tiles.


The children screamed in horror! He had come out of his hole!
They clutched their heavy bags of candy and ran back home in terror.
Yet alas, they never cast a glance behind them at the feeble, white-haired man who ran barefoot to his door to shoo away the rascals once and for all.

Happy Ramadan Everyone :)
Ike & Tina Turner - Come Together
Martin Sexton - Diggin Me
The Beatles - Baby, It's You
Simon & Garfunkel - Baby Driver
Simon & Garfunkel - Old Friends

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  1. Blogger Jandeef posted at 8:52 AM  
    Did your boys draw mustaches too?
  2. Blogger BeeCrazy posted at 10:28 PM  
    LOOL Happy and Blessed Ramadaan to you too :)
  3. Blogger MSB posted at 11:43 PM  
    embarak 3laich elshahar! =)
  4. Blogger Erzulie posted at 1:03 AM  
    Jandeef: Moustaches? With what?

    Digital: Thank you :) u2 :))

    MSB: 3alaina oo 3alaich :)
  5. Blogger Delicately Realistic posted at 2:42 AM  
    Mbarak 3alaich ilshahar 7abebti :*
  6. Blogger Jewaira posted at 9:56 AM  
    Blessed Ramadan to you :)
  7. Blogger DiiGMaa posted at 10:32 AM  
    embarak 3alaich elshahar Darling ;*
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:23 PM  
    DR: 3alaina oo 3alaich :))

    Jewaira: You too :) Thank you :))

    Digma: 3alaina oo 3alaich :)
  9. Blogger Dr.Lost posted at 2:14 AM  
    embarak 3alaich il shahar :) cute post..
  10. Blogger Caffeinated posted at 1:09 PM  
    Happy Ramadan! I guess it won't be long before we start stocking up on candy for Gargi3an.

    It makes me wonder, though. You know how in the US there are all of these Halloween horror stories about people who put poisen in the candy, or needles in the chocolates, or hand out muffins that are tainted with some form of chemical injected inside? Are there any stories like that with Gargi3an, or not yet?
  11. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:43 PM  
    DrLost: 3alaina oo 3alaik :)

    Caff: Lol! I hope that doesn't ever happen!
    I think part of the reason why you don't have the "Halloween" vandalism during Ramadan is because it's in the holy month. But you have the occasional (sometimes incessant) "Wee9 wee9 fee baitkom ja3amee9!" but other than that, I never heard of any bad coming from the candy donors.

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