Friday, December 01, 2006

Busy Until...

Dear Everyone,

I'm in the goddamn (goddam? god damn?) school library. I just want to say F Michael Dell. Stupid PCI crap. My Network Connection in my home pc is out of it. I started to bawl when talking to Joey in Ottawa (he did NOT help me with my problem).
I had and still have some work to do but I have to access the Internet. So I decided, at midnight, that I have to go the 24/hr school library to work on my crap. So I drive there and a cop pulls me over, telling me that my license plate has expired and when he checks my International license (all hail the ticket-less International license), he said that it expired June 2006. My way out this time? Well, for once it was the truth. I started to cry, saying that I have to go to the library to work on two essays that are due tomorrow.
So now I'm in the library and I have to get started.
Folks, I'm taking a break from blogging because of the following:
- Final projects
- Exams
- Selling my car and furniture
- Getting ready for my folks and making reservations here and there
- Spending time with friends

So, I might post if I get some down time but I really can't feel it happening anytime soon. Anyhow, take care and I'll be seeing you.

PS No mp3's this time :P

Peace out*


AND to make matters worse, I woke up ready to hand in my crap on Friday morning only to find out that class is cancelled because there was a huge snow storm. So all that work on Thursday night was shot to crap. But the great thing is that my Internet is working so double-yay! Kudos to my desert friend ;P~~

Maw maw maw maw maw maw maw...



Hehe :P~~

So yeah, what else? know it's pretty cool. I may sound like a geek or someone who takes blogging seriously (Erzulie?! Takes blogging seriously!?! You don't say!!!) but this is the first time (like right now) that I post crap that I didn't copy and paste off of a Microsoft document (so as to detect spelling mistakes and stuff because bad grammar gets to meh, to mehhhh), and I have tuh say, it's pretty cool! Hurrah!

So it just hit me today, that...I'm not gonna be a student forever :( I'm too young not to be! TEACH ME! So I guess have two options: Masters or start the process of procreation :D I'd rather work on my schtuff though...procreation will wait a decade or so...maybe more when one sees the dwindling population of "Da Legit" in K-town. Sup! No? Oqay...Go and eat potatoes...You'll feel me...they're magic.

Today I talked to my best friend here. Had dinner and all was good and he grew quiet at the end. I knew that something was up because he always simmers down when something bothers him. 'Calls me a while later, saying that I'm an @$$hole for leaving. And it just hit me: I'm leaving forever. This whole lifestyle will end. I won't "hang out" and shoot the sh!t with my amigos whenever I feel like it. I won't drive to Chi-town and glitz it up. I won't hit Walgreens for construction paper at dawn.

My dear, dear, dear friend, if you ever come across this in the something future, know that I will always love you and that....

....I will always claim that I kicked your ass at pool even though I get "special treatment" regarding the fixed rules of the game and moving the balls around so my "aim" is perfected. I did rule Scrabble that one night though...and of course I rule "hand," that's a given...


at 9:43 AM


  1. Blogger Ba7aR posted at 11:17 AM  
  2. Blogger Nooni posted at 12:19 PM  
    busy women wearing red :)

    Have fun.
  3. Blogger MSB posted at 2:58 PM  
    bil tawfeeg inshAllah..
  4. Blogger q80_demon posted at 7:33 PM  
    As a die hard Mac user, all I can say is ... "Dell? isn’t that some kind of herb?" :-/
    Good luck and deeri balich 3ala muthakritich. La7geen 3ala il-MP3s.

    (As they usually say in the Egyptian movies: Kulluh ba3d mata7’di il-lesance! :-D )
  5. Blogger K.thekuwaiti posted at 11:37 PM  
    Tsk Tsk Erzulie; next time ask K.
    Until next time, yummy.
  6. Blogger iDip posted at 12:32 AM  
    Goodluck :)
  7. Blogger BintBuNaz posted at 9:02 AM  

    I kinda hope your disappearing act ends.... yesterday.



    PS to q80_dmon: MACS DON'T HAVE RIGHT-CLICKS! :O
  8. Blogger 3abeer posted at 12:58 PM  
    LOL.. poor Erzulie, I feel ya!
    Been through that back in the days... when my interest connection fails me and I have to drive all the way to school to use the 24 hr library ..hehehe
    one day you'll laugh at this ;)

    I leave you with these notes..

    - Good luck and all the best with ur school work
    - No rush, we're not going anywhere and we'll wait for your posts when you're done
    - relax and and things will fall through

  9. Blogger q80_demon posted at 5:35 PM  
    Bint Bu Naz: Beeh, 7’ubrich 3ateej. The Macintosh has been right-clickable since the introduction of MacOS X :-D
  10. Blogger BintBuNaz posted at 3:02 AM  
    Q80_Demon: agoolik shay? You Mac users? I see your mouths moving, bess all I hear is BLABBIDYBLAHBLAH.


    ... okay, fine. I'm just jealous cause I can't figure the pretty little sucker out! :(
  11. Blogger DiiGMaa posted at 9:28 PM  
    Best of Luck :)
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:34 AM  
    ba7ar: Merci :D

    judy: :)

    msb: Thanx :)

    q80: Hehe :P I think I'm getting a powerbook when I go back or sth...this crap is...crap :/

    k: yummy all da waaaaay :P

    idip: Thanka you :)

    bintb: Meh...yeah me too :/

    3abeer: :)

    q80 & bintb: Maw...

    digma: Thanks :))
  13. Blogger Jewaira posted at 8:29 PM  
    Best of luck :)
  14. Blogger Equalizer posted at 1:12 AM  
    It took me 2 day and a half to get to the bottom of the post! lol
  15. Blogger Erzulie posted at 5:50 AM  
    Jewaira: THANKS!!!

    Equalizer: GOod Tiiiimezzzughhhhhh!!!
  16. Blogger Fouad posted at 6:16 AM  
    yeah so, is this going to be the new blogging style? like, updates instead of posts? i mean, like, what do you thin we is, stupeh? :)

    well erzulie, ure crazy and ure fun, and u will be missed.

    alright. kisses loca

  17. Blogger Erzulie posted at 7:58 AM  
    fouad: Haha :P~~ I love you too :P~




  18. Blogger BintBuNaz posted at 5:34 AM  
    This post made me feel all fuzzy and gooey on the inside.

  19. Blogger Erzulie posted at 6:50 AM  
    bintb: I live for fuzzy feelings. And I think I'm dumping PCs forever and getting a Mac when I'm home. Or here. Graduation gift. Use my parents' one year guilt of not seeing me :P~

    MwahahHA! >:D

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