Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ladies, this One's for You.

We all know that Kuwait is not as safe as it used to be. With that said, I think it should be wise and quite necessary for all women to be aware of their surroundings and the danger that lurks about.

My relative’s co-worker was at Marina Crescent at ten on a quiet Friday morning. As soon as she parked, a car quickly pulled up behind her, preventing her from driving back out. A man, wearing the traditional Kuwaiti attire, hopped out of the car and for five minutes, stood behind her car, waiting for her to get out. Meanwhile, she immediately locked her car doors after calling the police. He sped away as soon as he saw the police’s obvious car.

After using the ATM machine, another young woman returned to her car and plopped her cash filled bag on the passenger seat. Suddenly, a strange car stopped behind her. The driver stayed in his seat while the passenger sprinted to her still parked car, opened the passenger door and snagged her bag. The two young men took off, leaving the young woman in her mugged and startled state.

Ladies, be very wary of your surroundings. These muggers work quickly and obscurely and it is very hard to pinpoint who it was or where they came from or where they are heading. No matter what time it is or where you are, always remember to lock your car doors when you plant your rear behind the wheel. Also, take a quick scan before and after you enter your car. You do not have to be a member of the CIA to have that something-is-not-right gut feeling. Use it well and be on the look out to avoid muggers or worse.

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  1. Blogger 1001 Nights posted at 1:36 PM  
    Parking lots in Kuwait freak me out. But Marina Crescent! That place is usually packed! Who would dare do something drastic to get a girl's attention at Marina of all places! The mugging story is scary though.

    The locking the door as soon as you sit down tip is excellent. Every woman AND man should be sure to do that. We really take security for granted here...
  2. Blogger Jacqui posted at 2:17 PM  
    OMG That's scary you gave me goosebumps!
  3. Blogger Erzulie posted at 2:26 PM  
    1001: Parking lots are very dangerous. My cousin stopped parking at her work place's basement parking lot because a strange man followed her and held her by the arm so she would take his number. She's been parking outdoors ever since.
    And the guy from the first scene was actually waiting for the young woman to get out of the car so he would take her bag, so it wasn't some strange form of flirtation.
    And we do take security for granted here :/

    I also think the elderly should be on the look out as well, since some are still living in that "Kuwait is always safe" mindset. My relative's friend's mother greeted three strange women who were at her door (all were wearing niqab to avoid being recognized). She ushered them in the guest room and the last thing she remembers is all four of them sitting down in the living room. Turns out, they sprayed her with something so she fell unconscious while they robbed the house.

    Scary on the look out and take care of yourself and spread the word about the lack of safety and the increase of petty crime here.

    Jacqui: Don't mean to scare ya :P but it's better to know about these happenings so as to avoid being in that situation i.e. "Hmm, I bet he's stopping behind me to see if I'm getting out of this parking spot."
  4. Blogger K.thekuwaiti posted at 3:18 PM  
    And thats why I carry a tazer with me..
  5. Blogger Intlxpatr posted at 3:59 PM  
    Great post, Erzulie. And one more thing - women who are upset about something are especially vulnerable. They almost signal "come and get me" to the predators.

    If you are upset about anything, make it a point to be particularly aware of your surroundings.
  6. Blogger Ms. Sarah posted at 5:16 PM  
    that's scary :/

    i read this e-mail a long time ago but never thought of it as something real, just one of those many chain e-mails.. about how random men walk around parking lots looking like they sell perfumes, and they try to sell them to ladies who're alone, but the perfume is actually something that makes the women pass out, then the men either steal from them or kidnap the woman if she's "their type" to rape..

    very scary :/
  7. Blogger Dr.Lost posted at 8:16 PM  
    thats what mace is for :)
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:05 PM  
    K: Btw, I seriously want one, just in case. Keep it in the car or something. I heard they were illegal if that matters anyway...

    intlxpatr: Upset? I think anyone who seems a bit unaware of their surroundings is a lovely target. You know, sometimes you see a person walking with their head in the clouds, completely oblivious to what's lurking in the bushes...I think that tops being upset. Actually, if I was fuming, I don't think anyone would want to mess with that. Talk about taking it out on a stranger...

    swair: Hmm, well, I remember reading that forward a while ago. I think it's true but it's grown to be somewhat of an urban legend, if I can say that. Also, imagine if a stranger comes up to you in a parking lot and asks you to smell something. What would be your reaction? "Uhh, sure! I bet it smells really good!" Yeah, I don't think so.

    dr.lost: Yooooouuuuu bet! *jingles car keys and a mini-bottle full of eye-blinding love*
  9. Blogger 3abeer posted at 9:13 AM  
    I have a small can of mace.. I'll be carrying it around from now on..

    and always wear high heels they make a great weapon

    Thank you for the warning ;)
  10. Blogger bored posted at 10:08 AM  
    i just heard that the gov is gonna outlaw women working passed 8 at night as a safty thing
  11. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:09 AM  
    What an excellent post Erzulie, and I am glad you have brought this up.

    I have always locked my car doors immediately as soon as I enter, I habit I aqcuired as a college student in a large US city. Look around you at your surroundings before you get out of it, no matter where you are. Also, I think it would be wise for any girl not to get out of her car if stopped by the police. Just roll down your window a bit and tell them to follow you back to your fathers or husbands house and speak to your father/brother/husband/male family member or someone male you know who can intimidate them a bit (if you have none of these) since the police force is riddled with frightening characters, and stories are rampant of rape and molestation by Kuwaiti police force members. Its an ugly not-so-secret secret.

    Don't carry lots of cash, don't leave your phones, laptops, anything that looks valuabe in your car either, or it will be broken into for sure.

    It's a sad reality that we have to do these things now in Kuwait. Il-deera moo mithil gabl. It's best to be very cautious since there are too many awful and hungry carnivorous people around now.
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:30 PM  
    3abeer: Yeah, I'm a big fan of my mace can. Apart from not wearing high heels due to my genes that already possess high heels in them, I think comfy and lower heeled shoes are best for a quick getaway. Hmm, I'm really getting into the whole "fighting back" scene...

    bored: That's a crock of shit. That's not even solving the problem i.e. increase of crime. Instead of preventing women from working past eight in the evening, why not exert energy to combat the factors that are forcing women to retreat back to their homes at that hour? And I know of many girls, my age and older, that sometimes work until 9 and even later. I don't think this law should pass because it's unfair; it might be the reason why a woman may not get promoted i.e. "She always leaves early before eight while we toil and moil over (insert project) which is due tomorrow."

    ms.Baker: I agree, and thank you for mentioning the police bit. There are many policemen who consider harrasing girls as their main duty. For instance:
    1-Two policemen assualted three women in Jahra, thinking that the young man with them in the car was their partner (he was actually a brother of one of the girls in the car).
    2-A policeman followed my relative's friend home. Unknown to him, her husband barged out of the house (the policeman had followed her home) and asked why he was following his wife. The policeman's explanation? "When your wife stopped at the traffic light, her front wheels crossed the thick white mark on the gravel. She was supposed to park behind it."
    3-A policeman stopped my uncle's wife, checked her Civil ID and took of with it.

    In other words, police the police, especially those who come from shoddy backgrounds.
  13. Blogger K.thekuwaiti posted at 1:30 PM  
    You want one that can kill a cow? It fell off a truck...
  14. Blogger eshda3wa posted at 2:07 AM  
    great post
    its true the country is not safe anymore, ive been hearing so many horror stories, and u can never be too careful,i love my mace!
    one of my girlfriends was in a minor accident on the highway, the car behind her bumped into her,
    she got out to chek out the damage, 2 guys got out of the other car, while she exchange the nessesary info with the guy to get her rear lights fixed the other one got her handbag and fone.
    -people please be careful-
  15. Blogger Erzulie posted at 2:54 PM  
    K: That'll do.

    Eshda3wa: Whoa. Yeah well, be on the look out...
  16. Blogger Sedna posted at 4:11 PM  
    So they sell cans of mace in Kuwait? Where?

    Btw, I've had trouble commenting on your blog 'cause it won't lemme comment with my wordpress account :(
  17. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:29 AM  
    Sedna: Wallah I'm not sure if they sell them here or not but I will check; I had my eye on a store and I think I'll pop in. If they don' have it, I'm positive they are able to refer me to someone else.
    And for your Wordpress thingi...well, I am really not that tech savvy to tell you how it can be handled :/ Maybe someone who know encountered the same problem and they know how to fix it? Heh, I'm trying here! :P~ Tc...
  18. Blogger La Mala Educacion posted at 6:21 PM  
    qlybhiKuwait's a changed place altogether these days. We are seeing the beginnings of drugs related crime affecting ordinary people who go about minding their own business, which cuts a very sorry face indeed, of the KWPD.
    It is rumoured that Bangladeshi bottleggers and pimps work in cahoots with law enforcement in Kuwait which is further indictment of the public's limited trust in the inept police force you have in this country.
  19. Blogger Erzulie posted at 2:29 AM  
    educacion: Kuwait's state reminds me of what happened and what is happening to Brazil, where political corruption and hedonistic inhabitants ruin it for the rest of the population and the nation's future.
    I don't have faith in Kuwait's police department mostly because they don't have faith in their higher uppers who okay, or rather, command the release of Mr.X, a prominent and aging drug-dealer who has fabulous connections with...well, fill in the blank.
    And I don't think it's specified to Bangladeshi workers. Come to think of it, a lot of those underpaid Bangal workers you see sweeping the streets were jailed criminals in their homeland who chose self-exile by purchasing a ticket to...well, somewhere like Kuwait.

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