Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Jackson: His music & how he's not really dead.

I woke up that morning and had four messages that said the same thing, "Michael Jackson's dead!" At first I didn't get it. I remember thinking, "He can't die." I went downstairs, switched on the TV and sure enough, the King of Pop was dead. "I cried...a little," I told my sister later. "If it wasn't for those hard not to believe scandals of child molestation and more, I'd feel sorry for him," she answered back sharply. I winced at her remark and agreed. It's true, he did lead somewhat of a bizarre life filled with odd and eyebrow raising antics.

"He can't die," I told my older brother again over tea that afternoon. "Why can't he die? He's human like us, and we'll all die someday," he replied nonchalantly. "Yes but that's it! He's not human! He's an icon! Icons don't just die." I slumped back into my seat.

I wasn't that caught up with Princess Diana's life when she died. I knew of her but I don't have personal memories linked to her existence and plus, I was a bit too young to comprehend the magnitude of her death. With Michael Jackson, however, I couldn't help but take it personally, mostly because he's the only artist I grew up with music-wise.

Regardless of his peculiarities that grew out of hand during the last decade of his life, Michael Jackson has always been there. And believe it or not, he is not dead. Yes, the King of Pop is immortal and remains alive every single day through his music that will still continue crossing countries and generations.

Here's to one of the world's greatest artists.

And to the two who emailed me asking about mp3s, yes, you can download files that are uploaded on zshare. Simply click on the links below (or open up a new window) and you can hear and/or download whatever's on there. Enjoy, for life.

Michael Jackson - Speed Demon (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Human Nature (zshare)

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Beat It (zshare)
Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Bad (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Black or White (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Keep it in the Closet (zshare)

Michael Jackson - Dangerous (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Heal the World (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Stranger in Moscow (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone (zshare)

Michael Jackson - Remember the Time (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Jam (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Thriller (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Get on the Floor (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Pretty Young Thing (zshare)

Michael Jackson - Rock With You (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Off the Wall (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Don't Let it Get You Down (zshare)
Michael Jackson - Working Day & Night (zshare)

Jackson 5 - Whose Loving You (zshare)

Jackson 5 - ABC (zshare)
Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine (zshare)
Jackson 5 - Got to be There (zshare)
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (zshare)
Jackson 5 - I'll be There (zshare)
Jackson 5 - Can You Feel It (zshare)

Michael Jackson & Stevie Wonder - Just Good Friends (zshare)
Michael Jackson & Friends - We Are the World (zshare)
Michael & Janet Jackson - Scream (zshare)

From one of my favorite movies, The Wiz, where Jackson played the part of the scarecrow.

Michael Jackson - You Can't Win (zshare)
Michael Jackson & Diana Ross - Ease on Down the Road (zshare)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 5:08 PM  
    مات و شبع موات يا اختي
    الدايم الله سبحانه
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:07 PM  
    Tis' Fee!
    Michael Jackson had such a huge impact on my chilhood . I can't remember one bedroom from my friends or family who didn't have a MJ poster plastered on a wall. When i first heard that he died, i felt as if i had lost an important link to my childhood. But like you said, he will forever live on as an icon.
  3. Blogger Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy posted at 12:38 AM  
    You know whats weird? How i wasnt that much of a fan.. i just heard his songs minee menak..

    Bas ham za3alt :o
  4. Blogger Erzulie posted at 1:00 AM  
    anon: i know :)

    my fee: my fee! yeah i know. it's not about him personally (and SO not about him during his last ten years of weirdness), but him and his music have always been there. and not just that, but his music videos. remember the zombie costume? :)

    abi omi: i guess everyone might've not been THAT exposed to his music, but i found out that his old and new songs are known by all; the old, the young, men and women, people from different countries and backgrounds and social levels. his music reached everyone. he's like the titanic (the movie) of the music world.
  5. Blogger Temetwir posted at 9:33 PM  
    ee now u know how i felt lama elmo6rif tewafa ... sorry i just couldnt help myself ;p ;\

    seriously thu and fwiw, i did feel 'sad' for him when i watched a docu abt his life tbh.. cant imagine living so consumed in both senses of the word from childhood up until death

    *and note to Fee: "mj" refers to jordan and ONLY jordan.. afterall, "sports > *music" EVERY SINGLE TIME .. even on erzulie's blog so lets not get too carried away ;p >;[
  6. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:20 AM  
    Michel Jackson reminds me of my children when they were little kids, they really liked his music and all kids were affected by his way of dancing and even walking, the break dance. Once I was in my car taking my kids and some of their friends somewhere, then I heard a strange sound coming from behind, I thought something wrong in my car, but when I turned my face back I figured out that the little guy was singing Jackson's song and making that famous scream like: aow..aow.. aow  . yes Michel Jackson was a legend of music.. And legends do not die.
  7. Blogger Kleio posted at 3:03 AM  
    Just saw your comment from like 8 months ago!

    *waves back*
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:29 AM  
    temetwir: i think he had an odd life. just sad that it was over too soon. kinda ironic that his final performance was titled "this is it."

    anon: nope, they never do :)

    kleio: i really miss ya :) hope you're good and well kleio :)) i just dropped by to say hello, hope you're safe and happy :**

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