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الإيد الخظرة

"Where do you get your hair trimmed Erzulie?" a good friend of mine asked me the other day. I told her that I go to my district's hair salon, "I just go to whoever's available. I cut an inch off after a couple of months, so it's no big deal." Apparently, my friend thought it was a very big deal. "I go to X salon and get my hair trimmed only by X hairdresser." Frankly, I forgot the name of the hair salon that my friend mentioned, let alone this sought after hairdresser who, according to my gal pal, "half of Kuwait goes to". "Before I discovered her, I was like you," she went on, "I used to get my hair trimmed by anyone. But then someone told me that when my current hairdresser trims your hair, it grows so much faster. I noticed the difference the first time she trimmed my hair and I've been going to her ever since."

What my friend is talking about here is "الإيد الخظرة" (pronounced el eed al-khathra; loosely translates to green hand) which, in this specific situation, means that when you get your hair trimmed by someone with a blessed touch – so to speak – your hair will grow faster and stronger. I didn't buy in my friend's belief because I believe that hair growth is something biological; I don't think that someone with a pair of scissors is (supernaturally able to) make my hair grow faster than the next person with the same tool at hand. My friend responded by saying, "It's like cooking. Sometimes, two people can have the same exact recipe but the outcome can be totally different: person A's dish can be delicious while person B's might fall flat. Same thing goes for gardening (a reference to having a green thumb). When it comes to hair trimming, it all depends on the goodness and selflessness of your hairdresser's soul and spirit."

I listened to my friend's rationale but I didn't buy it. Cooking and gardening are skills. Cutting hair, something that a child can do, and having the ability to make it grow faster is not. I did know where my friend was coming from, but I felt that it was based on superstitions, not facts.

Have you ever heard of the above? If so, do you believe in its factuality? Why or why not?

PS It's been a long time since I've put up some new dance music. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did :)


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  1. Blogger Traveleer posted at 9:39 AM  
    I am looking for a hair stylist with black hands to turn my hair back to black since it is being attacked by grey!
  2. Blogger Purgatory posted at 11:30 AM  
    it is الخضراء

  3. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:23 PM  
    Fee here!
    Erzulie, I seriously doubt some beauticians in this beautiful country of ours have "the magic touch" as they say... yet, this is coming from someone who doesn't even believe in horoscopes :P!
  4. Blogger 1001Nights posted at 1:46 PM  
    I've never heard about that and I don't buy it. As far as I know hair is dead and you can't affect the roots and speed up their growth by the cutting the ends of the hair it doesn't make sense! But what does make sense is that some hairstylists are much MUCH more skilled than others in cutting your hair and maybe the good ones can cut it in a way that makes it appears fuller or nicer as it grows out.
  5. Blogger TOUCHE' posted at 2:08 PM  
    Well I've heard about it years ago and they tend to justify it the same way your friend had mentioned.

    If they all fall under the same category which I somehow can't digest the concept fully, then I have to agree though I haven't tried a "green hand" hair cut before but I believe in "Sweet breath" when it comes to cooking, it's a little bit more than a mere recipe with cooking skills.

    The version I know it that "a green hand" helps in aiding the hair to grow faster but not stronger or I would've definitely jumped to the nearest green hand hair dresser.
  6. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:09 PM  
    traveleer: so are you showing off that you got that whole george clooney thing going on over your ears? good god traveleer, fine i'll say it: graying hair on men = great hair on men! khala9.

    purg: i knew that you'd post a comment on this specific post and i KNEW that it would be totally irrelevant to the gist of everything. baqait aktib ilee khathra2 bes moo layga because it's either "al yad il khathra2" (3ala goltik) aw "el eed il khathra" (with a "tha" not "dhadh") which i think is more correct if you're coming at it from a local tongue POV.

    fee: my love! khalech min il eed il khathra, i told you how accurate chinese star signs are! go read up on them my little beautiful potato head!

    1001 nights: let's leave cutting aside (and i can't believe that you've never heard of this before!). i'm talking about trimming only, 1-2 inches max. i don't agree either but apparently, A LOT of people do...

    touche: lol! yeah that's true. but yes...i mean the thing is, i do get the whole cooking bit and you know what, i think it does affect the overall outcome of the dish unless you're like this AMAZING chef who'd get a dish 100% right after being in a fight 5 minutes ago. but trimming hair? well i can't buy it...and oh yeah, faster only i suppose :)
  7. Blogger Purgatory posted at 5:24 PM  
    My point is correct spelling of the letter ض

    أخضر and not أخظر

    get it now ? ;p
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:31 PM  
    purg: il moshkila ina ga3da asolif ma3a omee 3an the ض vs ظ
    awal shay kitabt'ha the so-called right way, your way, bes ba3dain gelt la2 lana il phrase kwaitiya, fa gelt ظ athba6. ya3ny bil kwait, mangool "el '3aim" la2, ingool "el qaim" 6ab3an il a9a7 lo'3awiyan is awal wa7da BES locally it's "qaim" do YOU get it dear purg? :P weh nashaft reejee :/ yallah good night...
  9. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:37 PM  
    I've never heard of it..but I don't think cutting your hair by certain people will make your hair grow faster.

    However, I wouldn't want to cut my hair by anyone just because I've gotten terrible haircuts before, even if they are just trimming it.
  10. Blogger eshda3wa posted at 12:16 AM  
    yeah i hear it a lot

    but i dont buy it either

    a girl i know once was complaining her hair wont grow
    and her reason was it used to be really long and she suddenly cut it short, so her hair "indigar"

    like it was a live creature instead of dead cells ..

    i only go to one specific hair dresser out of habit nothing more
  11. Blogger Traveleer posted at 10:49 AM  
    Erzulieeee loool was I showing off? I dunno. But I am glad I mentioned it since you do think I have great hair.
    so you accept an invitation to dinner? :P
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 2:21 PM  
    eleven: yeah you're in the same boat i'm in. but i don't think any hairdresser can go wrong with a mere i mean, unless they've never cut hair before or if it comes out uneven. this whole "eed el khathra" bit is more about the trimming than about cutting. the latter requires WAY more talent and skill.

    eshda3wa: lol @ live creature :P well, i know other people who experienced that but i think with age, your hair sort of stops at a certain length, just how it turns darker or more fine with age; hair length too might be another factor.

    traveleer: a thick head of graying hair is very attractive on a man who's over 30 years of age who is able to pull off that whole ruggedy, slick look. and thanks for dinner but no. i don't do dinners :) just fantastic lunches...

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