Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kuwaiti Lingo

I was chatting with my mother the other day when she suddenly blew her top.
“Erzulie! Stop beating around the bush and get to the point!”
She then went on and on about her frustrations about people who drag a two-minute conversation into an hour long tale filled with curiosity instigators, dramatic climaxes, and surprising yet mundane endings. She recounted her chat with one of my sisters, leaving me balled up my rough, carpeted floor, laughing my posterior end off.
Sister: Mama!
Mama: Hmm…
Sister: Guess what!
Mama: Hmm….
Sister: Guess who I saw today!
Mama: Hmm?
Sister: No no! Guess!
Mama: Flana?
Sister: Nooo! Oh, that reminds me…oh well, never mind…continue guessing!
Mama: *huff*
Sister: Oh my god! No no no…you won’t believe me even if I say it!
Mama: Ohooo….mino!
Sister: No no no! I can’t even say it now! You will never guess who it is!
Ah, how I miss these frivolous conversations with my loved ones.

PS Can't Take My Eyes Off You

at 7:22 AM


  1. Blogger Purgatory posted at 11:28 AM  
    why can't you take your eyes of me :P?
  2. Blogger Equalizer posted at 11:53 AM  
    Very simple solution to that: USE A KITCHEN KNIFE

    wv: synqg (synagogue?)
  3. Blogger 3baid posted at 12:51 PM  
    Conversations like this drive me mad too.
  4. Blogger Sou posted at 4:15 PM  
    Well i do that all the time, i don't really see what the problem is with adding a little spice to the conversation!

    So who'd u see?! *super curious* :)
  5. Blogger Erzulie posted at 4:55 PM  
    Purg: *sigh*
    What can I say...

    Equalizer: Synagogue? What are you talking about? Are you on the right post?

    3baid: Ditto.


    1- Yeah but when it goes on and on and then you discover the news is pretty normal, that's when it gets a bit annoying
    2- See first comment.
  6. Blogger Trevelyana posted at 10:43 PM  
    heh.. it's exactly the opposite with my mom..
    If you don't spit out the story as soon as she's mildly interested she'll tell ya to scram ..
  7. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:23 AM  
    Leeno: Haha, :P
  8. Blogger Judy Abbott posted at 4:38 PM  
    i really dont miss them... i chosed to zip it because of those conversations.
  9. Blogger Sou posted at 5:16 PM  
  10. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:43 PM  
    Judy: Hmm, yeah I understand that. I only miss those absurd conversations with my sisters...I guess I just miss their quirky little observations :)

    Symbols: Oh?
  11. Blogger Kuwaiti Heartbeat posted at 9:45 PM  
    It sounds exactly like conversations between Parliament members, they make no sense nor take you anywhere. I guess home is where it all begins !!!
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:02 PM  
    Heartbeat: Heh, yes...I suppose it's very 'cultural' to drag the topic around the block one more time :)
  13. Blogger Ms. Milk posted at 1:17 AM  
    Are u sure ur sis isn't me?? :S
  14. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:03 AM  
    Ms. Milk: Haha :P Well, I think everyone does it to some extent but I think Kuwaitis (Gulf regions too) do it a lot more frequently. I do it sometimes but I think that my sister specializes in it!

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