Friday, October 12, 2007

T'was the Night Before Eid...

T'was the night before Eid,
When all through the house
I scrambled to find
My frilly white blouse.

My mom scratched her head, “The last time I saw it
Was a month ago, hanging in your closet.”

But the thing is, I never wore it before,
Though it is the shirt that I truly adore.

I know that it is not in the laundry bin.
Having it cleaned in our house would be a sin!

The first time I saw it in that little shop
I turned to my good friend and said, “That’s my top!”

I bought it and saved it for this special day,

Yet it’s nowhere to be seen, to my dismay.

”Well, you can wear a similar thing can’t you?
It’s just a top and that’s no reason to be blue.”

I looked mournfully at my mother and sighed,
”But it’s so spot-on and that can’t be denied!”

”I think I have a nice white blouse from Zoran,”
I tried it on, “Mom, I look like Peter Pan.”

My mother stepped back, “Well, I think you look fine.”
I frowned and shrugged, “I guess. But mom I want mine!”

”Well try to remember where you placed it last.”
I sighed and thought about the top’s short past.

”Are you sure you never wore it Erzulie?”
I nodded, “Of course mom I’m sure, totally.”

Suddenly a memory flashed in my mind,
A brief clue to why my blouse was hard to find.

”You know what, I think I did wear it one time
And my friend even said that it was sublime.”

”All right you wore it once. And what happened then?”
I cried, “I was at Starbucks! Ooh I know when!”

She paused, “You wore that blouse to a coffee place?”
”Change in dinner plans,” I stated to save face.

”Three of our good friends could not make it that night,
So instead, we had coffee which wasn’t right.”

My doses of late night coffee kept me up.
Suddenly, I remembered my coffee cup!

”Yes! The darn Venti cup! It dripped on my shirt!
I was sleepy and really not that alert.”

”The cup’s plastic seal leaked coffee on my chest.
I watered it down but didn’t clean the rest.”

”So then it disappeared after that night out?”
”But to where I don’t know,” I said with a pout.

”You said you adore it. That might be a clue.”
”I cannot remember mom. I wish I knew!”

She went to my desk and picked up an old bill,
”Oh look what I found! This’ll give you a thrill.”

The receipt was from our district’s laundry joint.
”I knew where it was. I think I made my point.”

”Erzulie, if you really treasure something
And you love the satisfaction it may bring

You must remember you shouldn’t be careless
To not regret a loss that only brings stress.”

I smiled, stood up and embraced my dear mother.

I cocked my head, “You know, you’re like no other.”

I went to bed and I tried as I hard as I can

To not think about option two, “Darn Peter Pan!”

Happy Eid to All!

at 3:05 AM


  1. Anonymous chikapappi posted at 4:36 AM  
    LOL! The rhyming is amazing! Am sad for the shirt though! You're soo good mashallah!

    Kel 3am o enti bkheir :)
  2. Blogger don_veto posted at 9:01 AM  
    Happy Eid, and a coffee stain is a small price to pay for a great cup of coffee.
  3. Blogger Erzulie posted at 10:04 AM  
    chika: The story is fiction. The only real thing is the shirt which I did wear to Starbucks and I am going to wear it now. I did spill some coffee on it but for the sake of the rhyme, I pretended I forgot it at the dry cleaners :P I stopped by yesterday and picked it up. And it is a lovely shirt! O winti ib khair :))

    don veto: Well i was worried because the guy shook his head when he saw the damage:
    Me: You can't bleach it?
    Man: No, this material too thin. I see now...come tomorrow at 8:30...
    And yesterday at 8:30 I picked it up and it looked as good as new! And Happy Eid to you too :))

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