Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Eid Everyone

I didn't include an exclamation mark on the title of this post because I'm feeling a tad bit bitter about what I'll be doing during my Eid holiday which is doing what I did when I was twelve i.e. going to the chalet with my family. Half of my extended family and friends are already out of the country somewhere in the region or if they were smart enough, bought tickets to somewhere in breezy Europe a month or more in advance. On the bright side, I just rearranged all the new music I received from two sources a while ago so my Ipod is up and ready for that half an hour drive to the seaside tomorrow after I have lunch at my grandma's house. I noticed the nighttime weather change too and it feels mighty good.

To be honest, I'm happy Ramadan is over. The whole familial feel is great and all, but the level of road rage got so out of hand this year. Traffic lights became pretty much an option at the tail of the month. You'd think that people would think twice and remember that it's the month of piety and all that good stuff. Guess it's ironic to thank God that this holy month is over.

Well, save your pennies starting now because soon enough, the domino effect of economical collapse is going to hit us hard. This is going to be one interesting year…

The Doors - Hello, I Love You
Duke - So In Love With You
David Bowie - Always Crashing in the Same Car
Modern Talking - Brother Louie

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  1. Anonymous chika posted at 8:37 AM  
    kel 3am o enti bkheir enshallah
  2. Anonymous Jameel Jamal posted at 10:04 AM  
    Wallah ur right. Anyway merry Christmas and happy Hanukka to you Erzulie and everybody in Kuwait! Inshallah it will be a gr8 year :)
  3. Blogger BLaSha posted at 1:23 PM  
    Happy Eid to u too
  4. Blogger Erzulie posted at 4:11 PM  
    chika: wintay ib khair :)

    jameel: inshallah :)

    blasha: thank you :)
  5. Blogger ma6goog posted at 4:34 PM  
    كل عام و انتم بخير

    عيدكم مبارك

  6. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:23 PM  
    3eedich imbarek sweetie oo 3asach men 3owada :*

    Have fun at the chalet, I am off there tomorrow and can't wait to have a nice, salty, warm swim.

    As far as the global economy goes Allah yastir, everything is so scary and a depression is really and truly imminent. I'm putting any money I have into the safest, most secure, highest interest wadee3a I can find. :/

    What I wouldn't give to be in London right now for a show, some shopping, and a day at the Tate!
  7. Blogger Bodie Broduas posted at 11:57 PM  
    kil 3am wintay bkhair erzulie. and for the other semites, rosh hashanna! but why would the economic hardships trickle down? oil is up, the dinar is kicking the dollar's ass. oh yeah that's right. our government is gonna bail them fools out. congress doesn't want to pass the bill? cool, kuwaitis will give us the money... such a sad sad country we belong to.
  8. Blogger Jandeef posted at 2:11 PM  
    I have a theory .. KSA, UAE, and Kuwait called it 3eed prematurely in order to close the market and not have it go through the sudden shock of the Dow's 7% plunge.
  9. Blogger كش ملك posted at 4:21 PM  
    eid mobark
  10. Anonymous A 3 AM Flight posted at 5:24 PM  
    Your level of optimism keeps me awake at night.
  11. Blogger Temetwir posted at 5:27 PM  
    kel3am wenty bkhair

    i wouldve thought u were traveling

    o bil3aks now is a good time to set yourself up to make good money in 2yrs time if you play it right
  12. Blogger jambino posted at 1:09 AM  
    Anyone who listens to Bowie's Berlin period is a friend of mine :)

    As for the markets, 2009 is going to be an interesting year. Many people won't know what hit em' and I'm talking about Kuwait. I think Shania Twain's Ka-Ching is appropriate at this particular juncture ;)
  13. Blogger Erzulie posted at 1:46 PM  
    kila ma6goog: winta eb khair oo ayamik sa3eeda :)

    ms.baker: ayamich sa3eeda :) i was at the chalet all days yesterday. i did my usual ritual of picking seashells. my sister arrived with her two kids (one in his terrible twos and one nine month old princess). i basically babysat (although i didn't do much sitting i'll tell you that!) the whole time :P had family over, barbecued, and now i'm home alone after coming back late at night. i'm heading there this evening though :) and if you want the safest most secure place, just shove your money under your bed. i feel a big, black storm coming our way and for the first time, i'm reading up on that crap because i'm terrified outta my mind :/

    bodie: ayamik sa3eeda brodie. oil is going to go down and the market, well, the decline won't be the usual diagonal one going down. it's going to shoot straight down. i7mid rabik 3ala bi3thitik ya madree shagool!

    jandeef: that's what my mom said during the last futoor at my granny's house :P~

    kish malk: ayamik sa3eeda :)

    a 3am flight: *laughs* well, i'd rather be optimistic than anything else although i know that i might be disappointed! i don't know if it was meant that way but i'm going to take what you said as a lovely compliment :)

    temetwir: winta ib khair :) no, not traveling. you might be right, i think we should take advantage of this period before we've reached rock bottom (still didn't come to that yet, globally speaking). the banks here are going to make a sh!tload of money out of this though...

    jambino: i assume from your comment that you're here, saving up on money perhaps :P~ and i don't know if shania twain fits here. i don't know if any musical note fits! but it is going to be an interesting year indeed :)
  14. Blogger Bodie Broduas posted at 4:36 PM  
    LOL bi3tha? heehhe khobrich 3ateeej ... im not a bi3tha student anymore which is both a blessing and a curse! Blessing because I don't deal with the barbaric Culture Division and their "Wonderful" advisors. Curse cuz my parents are on my ass every day :p
  15. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:09 PM  
    bodie: that's kind of ironic since you're now one of the lazy kuwaities you're always making fun of :P~ and i'd rather keep my grades up and get some green out of our government instead of spending my folks' money *makes a serious face*
  16. Blogger Bodie Broduas posted at 4:37 AM  
    not helping, erzulie. not helping. no i am not a lazy kuwaiti. it just took me some time to realize my potential. oh, and btw, i'm off the bi3tha not because of my grades. i have father time to thank for that. my grades are just fine thank you very much.

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