Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day of Love

I actually wanted to make a little cute, lovey dovey post with pictures and all but my computer is so darned slow! Seriously, a beautiful bouquet of roses on this day would make my day but what I really need is someone to fix my computer! I mean, I'm sitting here in front of my screen, literally watching the icons and text on my Internet Explorer page load, a process that took two minutes if not more.

You know when you download something big, like an mp3 or video or whatnot? Well, imagine just observing the whole loading process? That's the same feeling I get when I use this crappy PC of mine. I don't think I have a virus. Think I have to get a new computer. But I like this one though. It's ancient and makes a weird humming sound when it's on. Poor thing, it's not performing as well as I want it to.

Well, whatever. Today's Valentine's Day, a day to be extra sweet to the people you love. It's not, however, a day to pull out the religion card and say that you don't believe in Valentine's Day, a line that someone at my workplace said in a high and mighty manner. That's just plain tacky and dumb i.e. "If I buy my wife a bouquet on Valentine's, that'll mean I believe in St. Valentine and thus I'll be an automatic convert to Christianity." Puh-lease. Life's too short to be an emotionally stingy a-hole especially on such occasions. So, be thoughtful and sweet on Valentine's Day and onwards.

And last but not least:

Me: I was going to have this jumbled mix of sappy MP3s for my Valentine's Day post...
Friend: Whaddyou settle on then?
Me: Sade
Friend: That's cheesy
Me: It is not! You can never go wrong with Sade especially on Valentine's Day (rhyme alert!)! And plus, I think she transcends all contemporary musical eras so...

So, here you go. Happy Valentine's Day people :)
Sade - Your Love is King
Sade - Love is Stronger Than Pride
Sade - No Ordinary Love
Sade - Paradise
Sade - The Sweetest Taboo
Sade - Hang On To Your Love
Sade - Lover's Rock
Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us
Sade - By Your Side
Sade - I Couldn't Love You More

at 9:30 AM


  1. Blogger don_veto posted at 11:16 AM  
    Happy Valentine's Day, I don't like Sade, but thanks anyway.
  2. Blogger Bodie Broduas posted at 11:20 AM  
    You should forward your colleague this week's episode of 30 Rock. Maybe then he'll notice the difference between Valentine's Day (the love holiday) and St. Valentine's Day (the actual day to remember the saint). The way it's worded is confusing to say the least, I know, but Liz Lemon will explain it better.

    Oh, there is nothing wrong with Sade, any day. (Rhyme alert)
  3. Blogger Swair. posted at 12:16 PM  
    Aww, "By Your Side" is the best..

    Well, I'm going to say it: "I don't really believe in V-Day", because I like getting/giving lovey dovey gifts almost every day (or every other day) of the year..

    I'm not going to pull the religion card, I'm going to pull the "I like the element of surprise" card lol If people already know it's V-Day, a little gift would be so cliche (yes, rhyming alert), so when they least expect it is way better :D

    P.S. the word verification thingy is very Valentine's-related: unars

    Which could mean: Not To Be An Arse.. ?

    I'll stop typing now...
  4. Blogger bof-10 posted at 2:35 PM  
    i luv sade =D

    happy velentine days
  5. Anonymous dg posted at 6:19 AM  

    Although Sade is a classic, listen to Lucky - Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat.. Very you actually ;*

    Hope ur love day went well.. and many more love days to coomeeee inshallah


    dg ;)
  6. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:50 AM  
    don: i'm going to ignore the not liking sade bit but i hope you had a fab v-day :)

    bodie: so i read the first bit of your comment and i don't think i really care. that's one. two, yay for the rhyme alert. off topic, are you watching californication? well, if you are (were), when does the damned next series come out?

    swair: doesn't everybody! i am so loving the rhyming alerts YAY! well, the catch is to be creative with valentines day with a hint of conventionality i.e. obligatory roses or flowers. unars unars unars...i get the arse bit but the stuff before that doesn't really amount to anything :P

    bof: ditto :)

    dg: hello! hmm don't think i heard it before but then again, my playlist stops around tracks released during the mid-90's. i'm surprised to see you hear my bumbaloo potato! yay! :D i'll give it a listen though, merci mon petit!

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