Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Asian Intruders

I was stretched out on the floor, my head propped up against two pillows, listening to music on a quiet Sunday evening. I heard a bustle near my door; I figured someone was opening the trash chute’s door that’s across my apartment. Suddenly, two strangers appeared in my doorway. A freckled, middle-aged Asian man was carting in a few grocery bags, oblivious to his surroundings, while a young Asian woman looked at me quizzically, “Whaaa?” The man finally glanced up and looked around. They both stood there for a while, inspecting their location in shared confusion. I smiled, “Hi…this is my apartment.” They looked at me questioningly. “Your apartment is in the north complex.” The man slowly gathered his bags, casting a last survey while the woman treaded backwards, eyeing the number on my door. Now here’s my concern: If they managed to open my door with their key, can I open theirs? There’s only one way to find out *smirk* At last, a way to get out of paying rent forever.
PS I love this song. Ah, if only I could sing it out loud.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I saw this movie last spring and I just have to mention it here. The legendary photographer, David LaChapelle, headed to L.A. to shoot a documentary about a style of hip-hop dance called “krumping.” What I really enjoyed in the movie is how the dancers’ physique contorted and twisted rapidly; also, LaChapelle’s talent for capturing vivacious colors was also apparent in the film. I was really amazed at how talented these people are. I don’t think that this film will come out in Kuwait, but I doubt that it won’t show up on the black-market list. Watch the trailer or this little clip. The soundtrack is pretty good too; I snagged it and actually managed to bounce around like the dancers in the movie but after a minute, I was out of breath :P

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stupid Freshmen: You Won’t Believe

I went to the restroom after class one day and I stood before the mirror before heading out. There were two freshmen girls next to me, reapplying their shimmery lip gloss and fluffing their hair. One of them turned to the other and asked, “Like okay, if you were, like, stranded on an island what’s the one thing you’d take with you?” I was thinking about her question and the first thing that came to my mind was water. The other girl, however, was looking at the neon lights buzzing above her, thinking about the question before blurting out, “Definitely eyeliner.” Then the other girl squealed and exclaimed, “Oh my God! That’s what I was thinking too!” They grabbed their backpacks and their little purses and bounced out of the restroom.

PS This song is dedicated to the mighty Purgatory.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Kuwait’s Kocky Karacter

About two months ago, I called my university’s international office to ask about something. Before I hung up, the chirpy secretary said that there’s going to be an international student meeting at a park which has live jazz on Thursdays. I realized that the place was close to my apartment so I signed up after the woman gave me Sara’s* number, one of the two girls who were organizing the event. Before heading out to meet the gang, I called Sara and found out where they were sitting. I began my journey, trying not to step on any fingers or toes of the people who were sprawled out on their blankets, nibbling at their grilled corn and nacho chips smothered with fatty dips. I finally spotted them and they waved me over. I plopped down next to Jill*, who was originally from Japan, Bob*, and Sara who were both from India. We chatted while enjoying the music before Jill turned to me and asked, “So Erzulie, where are you from?” As soon as I said Kuwait, Sara gave me the coldest look ever. “And are you going back to Kuwait this summer?” I said that I’ll be going back home in August for a short while. All of a sudden, Sara casually said, “I’m going to Kuwait in August this summer too.” I was surprised; I asked her if she had family there. She haughtily responded, “My mother works in {insert prominent bank name} and my father works in {known private school}.” And that was the last time Sara talked or looked at me. Even Jill and Bob were looking at her strangely.
Now, I understand where she was coming from and why she was hostile towards me. But why jump on the judgmental bandwagon that fast?
And it’s not just foreigners who have lived in Kuwait that cling to the general gist of Kuwaitis. For instance, I was at a gathering about two weeks ago when this guy matter-of-factly stated, “Wow, you must be so pretentious,” after I said that I’m from Kuwait.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What Animal Are You?

I stumbled upon this website today. I turned out to be a unicorn. What kind of animal are you? Coming first half of "100 things about moi" :>

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Erzulie Who?

"The Voodoo love goddess and goddess of elemental forces, as well as of beauty, dancing, flowers, jewels, and pretty clothes. She lives in fabulous luxury and appears powdered and perfumed. She is as lavish with her love as with her gifts. On her fingers she wears three wedding rings, her three husbands being Damballa, the serpent god, Agwe, god of the sea and Ogoun the warrior hero. She huddles together with her knees drawn up and her fists clenched, tears streaming from her eyes as she laments the shortness of life and the limitation of love." By Micha

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