Thursday, August 24, 2006

Say It

“Have you ever fallen in love?”

She looked at him blankly. “No. You?” She quickly piped back, as if they were talking about whether they tried an exotic dish rather than the experience of a life altering event.

“Yes,” he nodded. “So you haven’t felt something towards anyone?” He continued to inquire curiously.

“Well, I have been approached by a few men who bared their souls to me, but I was not interested in them. They were great company, but it was only a dear friendship, nothing intimate.” She frowned and continued to go strong in her retort, “And they were a bit immature. Their heads were too high up in the clouds. Their emotions were rooted more in infatuation than in love and understanding my being.”

He looked at her, absorbing her words and attempting to comprehend her strong stance. She felt him pondering over her speech, so she continued her hard monologue, “I have never been one to stick my neck out.” She wanted to say, “I am afraid that I will not be loved back. I am afraid that my feelings will be looked at in a sympathetic yet not mutual manner. I am afraid that if I do disclose my feelings of adoration to a man I respect and admire, he will turn away, and I will be broken forever and that my faith in love would die. I am afraid of experiencing the pain of missing someone. I am afraid to trust my heart when I have always used my head.”

She swallowed her words, casually shrugged her shoulder and replied coolly, “I guess I am afraid.”

Billie Holiday - I'll Be Seeing You
Billie Holiday - Until the Real Thing Comes Along
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - Je T'aime Moi Non Plus

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  1. Blogger MissCosmoKuwait posted at 7:18 AM  
    Very well said!...I like...:)...She's not alone in how she feels...according to's worth the risk so we can learn from's the experience of having our hearts broken that leads us to finally recognizing true love...of course it's easier said than done...nobody likes having their hearts broken!!..:)
  2. Blogger Delicately Realistic posted at 10:44 AM  
    3awarny galby

    Tell her to take the jump!

    She must love and be loved!
  3. Blogger الزهرمار posted at 2:56 PM  
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  5. Blogger الزهرمار posted at 2:58 PM  
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  6. Blogger error posted at 5:16 PM  
    error thinks women are more interesting when it comes to situation that requires self awareness in terms of needs and whatnot if a man was afraid he will not know it and definitely will not talk about it.

    So what is unconditional love?

    i don’t think loving under conditions is love, that’s selfishness with ego.

    *giggle at zohra comments*

    I have speakers now :)
  7. Blogger error posted at 5:22 PM  
    **error throws his speakers out the window**
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 7:56 PM  
    misscosmo: Well, I don't think people's reactions to having their heart broken are the same; some people grow stronger while others become faithless hedonists :P

    DR: never know... :)

    El Zahr: Laish thalath marat 3ad? Mara wa7da kfaya! Besik 7ana...ya3alik ma terba7

    Error: Loving under conditions is BS. And why did you throw your speakers out?! WHYYY!? If it's because you listened to these three songs and you didn't like them, well, I don't trust your taste :P~~~
  9. Blogger Hazolat posted at 1:52 AM  
    I think it's only natural to have a certain amount of fear when it comes to love. I always assumed it was a part of the package. To fear being vulnerable, to fear losing love ..etc.

    As for you Erzulie, you shouldn't have a great amount of fear (if they're great) You seem to be clever, caring and funny. Rare gems should not worry about love.

    So don't worry, when you meet Mr. Right, he'll fall head over heels for you. May you get the unconditional love you deserve :-)
  10. Blogger Erzulie posted at 6:42 AM  
    Hazolat: I think everyone is scared (to some extent) of something they haven't experienced before or afraid of a situation they've never been in. As in being in love and wondering if the other person's love for you would be reciprocal (or more!) to yours, the same feeling of doubt and uncertainty is evident when someone graduates from college and begins his/her career.
    Head over heels? Meh. Well, okay :P~

    Temi: LOOL! Heh, I really don't know Temi, about the drawing thing :P~~
  11. Blogger Nooni posted at 12:17 AM  
    what is love in the first place to fall for and waste many more emotions and laughters for it!

    To me to fall in love , is the sinfull pleasure that if it happened, everything else would seem meanless, and powerfull... so she better not fall for it.

    Just enjoy the company of good friends, this is what matters when they are 70 and can barely walk.
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 6:50 AM  
    Judy: Well, you have to consider the pros and cons of that person first. But for me, I would never put myself in a vulnerable state. My guard is always up.

    And friends, in my case, are forever :)
  13. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:34 AM  
    Krispy: Lol :P Yeah :)

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