Friday, October 27, 2006

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Kara3een!

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Seriously, how can people (read: men) eat that stuff? Whenever my father describes how “in the olden days” he used to eat sheep’s tongue and/or head, my face contorts and I end up sitting there with tense shoulders.

Once, my family dug up a hole (isn’t that a lovely way to start a sentence) in our chalet’s garden and plopped a sheep in there for ‘mandi.’ We still have photographs of that dreadful event. I remember my father’s friends’ beaming faces and the poor sheep being hauled out of the hole. When the burnt animal was brought inside, I could not stand the smell. I bolted out the front door like a madwoman along with my serving of salad and white rice which, by the way, is a delightful combination.

Now, I hate to be judgmental but I will always dislike that kind of meat. I enjoy a good steak, escalope and veal, but when you drop a slice of machboos style sheep/lamb in my plate along with el sha7am eli yitdandal oo yitra6ra6 jidam wayhi…I’m sorry! I cannot!

Blind Melon - No Rain 'love this song
The Postal Service - Iron & Wine :)
José González - Heartbeats :))
Eagle Eye Cherry - Are You Still Having Fun?

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where Is Bo Ghazi?

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Dedication to Bo Ghazi:
Fairuz - Ya Leily Leily Leily
Ray Charles - Makin' Whoopee Part 1 & 2 ;)
Ray Charles - Let's Go Get Stoned
Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Friend & Me

Time: Early evening

Setting: Grabbing a snack with a close friend

Me: When you hit puberty, wasn’t it weird for you to have hair growing out of your cheeks and under and over your lip?

Friend: What do you mean?

Me: I mean you spent the first twelve or thirteen years of your life with a hairless face before you grew your fuzz. Didn’t it feel strange to have a bristly face?

Friend: Well, didn’t it feel weird when two lumps of fatty flesh came out of your chest?

Me: *laughs*

Kid Loco & DJ Kicks - Jazzanova Introspection
Tricky - Makes Me Wanna Die (Massive Attack Remix)
Tricky - Overcome
Jeru the Damaja & Cinematic Orchestra - Come Clean DJ Food & DK Mix

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Emergency Room & Me

Time: Four in the morning

Setting: My apartment. I was working on a project and I accidentally stuck my fingers together with very strong super glue

ER: Hello, this is the emergency line for X Hospital.

Me: (worried voice) Errm…yeah I just stuck my fingers together with super glue and I don’t know how to get it off…

ER: Which fingers?

Me: My thumb and index finger…

ER: Does it burn?

Me: No it’s just very itchy...what should I do?

ER: Can I have your name and address please?

Me: (panicking) I’m running it under water now and it’s not helping!

ER: Well, I need your name and address before…

Me: I just stuck them in a jar of Vaseline…

ER: *sighs* Ma’am, I need your name and address first…

Me: I can move them! IT’S WORKING!

ER: Ma’am! I need your name and address before I can help you!

Me: Yaaaay! All right I’m good! Thanks! *click*

So, my question is what if someone is so out of it that they cannot remember their name and address? What then!

Ian Brown Ft. UNKLE - Be There favorites
UNKLE - Natural One (Remix)
Ian Brown Ft. UNKLE - Reign (RJD2 Mix)
DJ Mark Farina - We Used to Dance
DJ Mark Farina - Made in the Shade good...
DJ Mark Farina - To Do just...
Lovage - Lifeboat ;)
David Guetta, Tim Deluxe, Bob Sinclair, Joachim Garraud - Summer Moon

And last but oh-so not least...
Little Louie Vega & Erick Morillo - Rise (Original Soul Providers Mix)

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Three Do-able But Kind of Strange Wishes

1. If you know where I can get a sumo suit in Kuwait, please tell me. I have always wanted to do this. First, it is fun. Second, it is silly. Third, I get to fight and have a laugh at the same time so when you really think about it, it’s all good.

2. I would like to have a giant cake with thick icing. I want to dive, roll around and swim in it. I want to squish the cream between my toes and rub my arms against my torso. I just want to be part of that cake.

3. I love horses. My ultimate wish is to ride a horse in the desert in Kuwait. I know the basics about riding: get on the animal, turn both arms left and right depending on where you want to go, and squeeze and/or lightly thump the horse’s side. I just want to go on that ride alone, hearing only the wind, the horse’s grunts, and its hooves plodding on the sand. Just me, the horse, and pure solitude.


Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (Oh yeah!)

Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline (This will always remind me of college...)

John Legend - Save Room

Isley Brothers - Shout! (WEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL....)

Welcome to late night delerium! "A little bit softer now...a little bit softer now...a little bit louder now...a little bit louder now...Wooooooo! Wooooooo! wooooooo! Heeeeeyyyyy! Heeeeeeyyyy! HEEEEEEAAAYY! HEEEEEAAAY! Shout! Shout! Shout!..."



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It is working! Yay yay :)

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Monday, October 02, 2006

My Brush-In With a Kuwaiti "Prince"

I was thirteen. I was still living in my bubble where I expected everyone to be mutually nice and pleasant with me. The last bell of the day rang and soon, our seventh grade hallway bustled with lockers being stuffed and slammed shut. I was walking with two of my friends. I remember I was on the far left, marching one step before them so I could see them both as I was telling them what had happened during English class.

I did not notice the Prince strolling my way. I did not see him twirl his rosary beads as he shuffled down the hallway with his leather slippers. Now when I think of it, I wonder why he incessantly made an extra effort to emphasize his so-called royal status or why he would throw one of his unnecessarily demeaning Old Kuwaiti phrases at the continuously bullied kid in our grade.

My friends and I were in the middle of the hallway now. When he walked by my side, my backpack brushed his arm. I instinctively turned to him, “Oh! I’m sorry!” He stood tall, dark and pimpled before me, his overgrown adolescent nostrils flaring. I did not notice that he stopped walking. I did not see him frowning and widening his large eyes, “TA3ALAY AGOOLICH! Come here!”

Even at that moment, I did not know he had directed his booming command to me. But his voice thundered in the hallway and everybody, including me, turned their attention to him.

“Intay ma tisti7een 3ala wayhich! 6agaitay eedi oo tamsheen! You don’t have any shame! You hit my arm and walked off!”

I was a bit baffled by his extreme anger but I quietly said, “It was a mistake. I told you I’m sorry.”

To my surprise, that was not the end of it. He roared even louder this time, “TA3ALAY! Ana sheikhich! Ta3alay la asdi7ich bil arth! Come here! I am your sheikh! Come or I’ll hurl you onto the floor!”

I looked at him, standing all alone in the slowly emptying hallway. I remember staring at him in confusion before shaking my head at his pathetic state. I turned my back to him and continued my story to my awaiting friends.

Ray Charles - Yesterday
Bob Dylan - Yesterday
John Lennon - Yesterday
The Beatles - Yesterday
Frank Sinatra - Yesterday
En Vogue - Yesterday

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