Friday, December 15, 2006


Baba: Erzulie, wayed 9ayra tar6ineen Amreeki...


(Walking on Michigan Ave.)
Erzulie: Yoma shofay! 7atan ib Amreeka I'm tall! Look! I'm wearing cowboy boots oo kilman ag9ar minee! Shasawee lama arid!
Mom: Ee wallah la7atht! Lama kintay wagfa itkalmeen il concierge, kil il shabab ilee wara il counter ag9ar minich *laughs*
Erzulie: Yoma! *harumph*


(Driving from O'hare to Downtown Chicago during rush hour)
Baba: Erzulie, shway shway. Laish mit'hawra? Inzain ana magdar asoog?
Erzulie: La2. You have to be registered under the insurance thing *snicker*


Baba: Shofay bintich ga3da itdiz messijat! La la la, siyagtich kha6ra ya Erzulie...


Baba: 6igay eeshartich! Wein ishartich!!!
Erzulie: Yoba 6ale3 eedik bara, moo ga3id ikhaleeni amor, oo el sair moo ga3id yit7arak... bala7ig 3alal exit...
Baba: ESHARTICH!!! Wein ga3deen "6ale3 eedik bara..." La la la, come on Erzulie...
Erzulie: Lazim it3aref the power of "El Eed!" La7tha baraweek shlon...

This one's for me :P~ Journey - Don't Stop Believing
Big Star - What's Going Ahn
The Outfield - Your Love
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
Billy Joel - Big Shot
Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight
INXS - To Look At You
Blitz - New Age
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (acoustic) there you go buddy :)

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Guess who finished her last undergraduate exam today? Lemme give you a hint; it probably ain't you! All right...bedtime for me beoble!

So this is the second time I write without using Microsoft Word. I think I'm getting hooked. Very loosey-goosey. Anyhow, I'm kind of worried because my folks are arriving in a day and I have to pack and find a shipping company to ship my stuff (clothes, bags, shoes, art supplies, etc.), sell my furniture to some Arab dude (there's always an Arab guy designated for these last minute purposes), and do some other stuff that is actually my priority. Yeah, so I've been up for 48 hours.

You know when you don't sleep and then you have this sudden burst of energy that makes it impossible for you to sleep? Maybe it's anxiety. Yeah, probably. I bought A LOT of sweats today. Pretty cool stuff. Some have...well, let's not go into the hokey-pokey implications of how a city is famed for hosting a population that's half inebriated...let's blame it on the Germanic influece...

Here goes...

PS The whole graduation thing/feeling i.e. "Whoa! Yay!" didn't hit just yet...we'll see how it turns out...

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me

James Gang - Funk #49

The Kinks - All Day & All Night

Duke Ellington - Black & Tan Fantasy

Miles Davis - I Thought About You

Madeleine Peyroux - Blue Alert

Miles Davis - Miles Runs the Voodoo Down

Parliament - If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It)

Parliament - The Motor-Booty Affair

Ohio Players - Pain

Average White Band - Stop the Rain

The Spinners -
I'll Be Around

Elton John - Crocodile Rock

The Grateful Dead - Alligator

Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Denouncing God & Cutting off Business Relations

I was with three other Kuwaiti students on the flight to New York this Thanksgiving. One young man, Ahmed, a well-spoken history and political science major, was sitting next to me during the trip. He was telling me about the little Afghani eatery on his campus and why he stopped going there ever since the storeowner told his friend that he doesn’t believe in God ever since his daughter died.

“Why would you mix business with religion Ahmed?”

He replied, “Well, if I were to continue to be his customer, it would seem like I was condoning his actions.”

“But what he’s doing is between him and God and it doesn’t involve or hurt your own faith.”

“Yes, but what he did is considered ‘jahr’ (publicly stating God’s nonexistence in a bad intentioned manner) and people like him should be outcast from Islamic society and not be welcomed.”

“But didn’t your friend ask him about it his religion? I mean, he merely answered her question. He did not, however, go to the center of town and denounce God in a hateful manner right? And I think one should think about the external factors that drove him to purposively distant himself from God. He didn’t have the same opportunities as you did regarding his education about Islam. His faith was probably weak to begin with. I think that such factors should be put under consideration as well, don’t you think?”

“Yes, that is true, but I still think that I shouldn’t develop any ties with people like him.”

“Personal ties are different. But you’re merely a customer and if he treats you well and provides the service adequately, I don’t see that as a prompt to his blasphemy.”

We were silent for a moment. Our conversation sunk in.

“You know Erzulie,” Ahmed started, “Wait, do you smell that?”

We were on Midwest Airlines. We were sitting in our comfortable leather seats, and we knew what was coming. I smiled, since I knew about Ahmed’s sweet-tooth.

Midwest’s scrumptious, mouth-watering cookies ended our conversation. I wondered if there are any skeptics working for Midwest, and if Ahmed would shun the two, free cookies. Well, in any case, they were too good to pass up whether they were served by a neo-Nazi, Buddhist, or atheist.

MP3's...if they don't work now, try again later
Tosca - John Tomes
UNKLE - Have you passed through this night?
Gotan Project - Zen Men
No Noise - Karma Shabda

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Busy Until...

Dear Everyone,

I'm in the goddamn (goddam? god damn?) school library. I just want to say F Michael Dell. Stupid PCI crap. My Network Connection in my home pc is out of it. I started to bawl when talking to Joey in Ottawa (he did NOT help me with my problem).
I had and still have some work to do but I have to access the Internet. So I decided, at midnight, that I have to go the 24/hr school library to work on my crap. So I drive there and a cop pulls me over, telling me that my license plate has expired and when he checks my International license (all hail the ticket-less International license), he said that it expired June 2006. My way out this time? Well, for once it was the truth. I started to cry, saying that I have to go to the library to work on two essays that are due tomorrow.
So now I'm in the library and I have to get started.
Folks, I'm taking a break from blogging because of the following:
- Final projects
- Exams
- Selling my car and furniture
- Getting ready for my folks and making reservations here and there
- Spending time with friends

So, I might post if I get some down time but I really can't feel it happening anytime soon. Anyhow, take care and I'll be seeing you.

PS No mp3's this time :P

Peace out*


AND to make matters worse, I woke up ready to hand in my crap on Friday morning only to find out that class is cancelled because there was a huge snow storm. So all that work on Thursday night was shot to crap. But the great thing is that my Internet is working so double-yay! Kudos to my desert friend ;P~~

Maw maw maw maw maw maw maw...



Hehe :P~~

So yeah, what else? know it's pretty cool. I may sound like a geek or someone who takes blogging seriously (Erzulie?! Takes blogging seriously!?! You don't say!!!) but this is the first time (like right now) that I post crap that I didn't copy and paste off of a Microsoft document (so as to detect spelling mistakes and stuff because bad grammar gets to meh, to mehhhh), and I have tuh say, it's pretty cool! Hurrah!

So it just hit me today, that...I'm not gonna be a student forever :( I'm too young not to be! TEACH ME! So I guess have two options: Masters or start the process of procreation :D I'd rather work on my schtuff though...procreation will wait a decade or so...maybe more when one sees the dwindling population of "Da Legit" in K-town. Sup! No? Oqay...Go and eat potatoes...You'll feel me...they're magic.

Today I talked to my best friend here. Had dinner and all was good and he grew quiet at the end. I knew that something was up because he always simmers down when something bothers him. 'Calls me a while later, saying that I'm an @$$hole for leaving. And it just hit me: I'm leaving forever. This whole lifestyle will end. I won't "hang out" and shoot the sh!t with my amigos whenever I feel like it. I won't drive to Chi-town and glitz it up. I won't hit Walgreens for construction paper at dawn.

My dear, dear, dear friend, if you ever come across this in the something future, know that I will always love you and that....

....I will always claim that I kicked your ass at pool even though I get "special treatment" regarding the fixed rules of the game and moving the balls around so my "aim" is perfected. I did rule Scrabble that one night though...and of course I rule "hand," that's a given...


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