Saturday, July 28, 2007

How to Suck the Life Out of a Joke

Setting: Phone call between my sister and me.

Sister: Did you receive that last text message I sent you?

Me: Yeah I did. It was a joke or something…

Sister: Yeah it was…Why didn’t you reply back?

Me: Umm…Do I have to?

Sister: Well how am I supposed to know that you read it?

Me: Well it’s a joke; I just read it and laughed…

Sister: You should’ve replied back so I know you received it…

Me: Aha…All right, I’ll just send a “Haha” next time…

Sister: Mhmm…Okay…

John Lennon - Woman
No Doubt - Just a Girl
Tripping Daisy - I Got a Girl
Duran Duran - Girls on Film
Stevie Wonder - She's a Bad Mamma Jamma
Ida Cox - Wild Women Don't Have the Blues

at 4:00 AM


  1. Blogger eshda3wa posted at 1:27 PM  

    u know i dont get that

    even when i ask certain info and they sms me

    then call
    did u get it
    ared shagool
    say ok

    zain laish!
  2. Blogger Touché posted at 1:28 AM  
    That's funny :-D

    Love real life comedy.

    Bet you had a better laugh out of it than the joke you've received.
  3. Blogger K.thekuwaiti posted at 9:34 AM  
    Its worse when people are overly-hyped to tell you a joke that they rush through it. When the punchline comes minutes later, they are on the floor laughing while you akwardly stare at the people you call your friends.

    Tipping daisies .. it makes us the only three people to have the song (including Bader).
  4. Blogger Organic Kuwait posted at 11:43 AM  
    Sometimes ..with “some” people… I feel obligated to reply back.. mostly with another joke , ya3ni ham forward.. laken reply as in haha I would only reply if I have a comment to make ya3ni mathalan if the joke she sent is something that happened at work mathalan ya3ni.. I used to be the fastest sms typer in the world laken now im too lazy to sms back ma eybarrid el liver I always have more details to add !!!
  5. Blogger K.thekuwaiti posted at 10:46 PM  
    You know what I want to say .. but I am not going to say it .. ya3ni, think about. :)
  6. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:25 AM  
    eshda3wa: Lol I know! :P~

    touche: Well it was more of shake-of-the-head-and-chuckle combo than a laugh! :P

    K: But hey you GOTTA admit that that happened to you at least once! Sometimes I can't help but let out a giggle (although I know that it doesn't help make my joke to come as funny as it should be, you should either tell a joke in that laidback or excited tone...damn, I hate putting a lot of crap in paranthesis...anyway...) whenever I say a really funny joke/story :)

    ony: Lol true :P I don't know, I guess it depends on the person. Personally, I send "haha's" to my dad and I reply back to my friends' nasty SMSed jokes with either a "LOL!" ('one of those rare text jokes that actually make you laugh out loud) or "Araf!" if it is literally a nasty SMS :P

    K: Haha :P Well if it IS what I think it is I guess we'll all better be quiet...invisble squiggles! :P~
  7. Blogger 1001 Nights posted at 9:14 AM  
    Oh God ya3ni 3aib itha ma radaina? I always get forwarded sms's and ad3iya and I hardly ever respond!
  8. Blogger Navy Girl posted at 3:03 AM  
    oh i hate it when i msg someone and never get back anything !!! you should at least send ha ha ha lol :P
  9. Blogger Hazolat posted at 8:53 AM  
    ithahir pms
  10. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:49 PM  
    1001: Heh, well it's not "3aib" but some people, well, I expect them to understand my unresponsive nature! I usually respond to my parents. My dad often forwards jokes to me, think "Kan fee 9a3eedi..." I just cannot NOT reply back with a ":P" or "Haha"

    navy: I just find it a bit of a drag! So I read a joke, I smile and if it's really funny, I chuckle. But then that's it! Moment's over!

    hazolat: Lol la wallah :P~
  11. Blogger 3abeer posted at 11:52 AM  
    yeah.. I don't get it when you're supposed to reply on a joke.. especially email jokes.

    it was nice meeting you by the way ;)
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:08 AM  
    3abeer: Hey! Yup, agreed :)
    And ditto! You're a sweetheart :))

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