Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dreaming About My Lambeau Field

It’s those little things that make my day.

One is my drive back home, specifically when I’m less than a minute away from my house. I take the long way back just so I can pass by it. They usually play late into the night; I guess I drive by after my so-called workout just as they start the game. I go straight through the roundabout while keeping my eyes on the two, brightly lit fields of sand that are right next to a modest, beige-bricked mosque.

I purposefully lower the passenger window down so I can hear them yelling and calling at each other across the field. That’s when I smile. It’s that sort of smile that gets you just a bit teary eyed and warms your cheeks up, like when a little toddler bounces before you in giggles.

I don’t know what I feel when I see those young men playing soccer, but it brings back memories of childhood’s naiveté, when your only concerns were about weekend plans at a friend’s house, “Should we go to the movies or stay in?” or “You’re not coming to the chalet this weekend!?”

Although our neighborhood is not busy, I sometimes seriously fear that I will run someone over because all my attention is fixated on the men kicking a black and white ball around.

I park my car behind our house and eventually head up to my room feeling slightly empty and drained. I brush my teeth and wonder if anyone else squeezes his/her toothpaste in their mouth straight from the tube instead of on the actual toothbrush. I shrug the thought and scrub away.

As I lay in bed, I strain my ears trying to listen to them. Are they still playing? I hear a few shouts. Yup, they sure are. I smile to myself and breathe in deeply. My men on the field make me feel safe and wonderfully nostalgic.

Masters at Work - Blood Vibes
Jose Padilla - Adios Ayer
Metro Science - Paranoid
Men From The Nile - Watch Them Come (Jazzanova Remix)
Koop - Koop Island Blues
Si*se - Amiga (Thievery Corporation Remix)
Mixro - Black is the Night
CeU - Rainha
Hooverphonic - Circles
Federico Aubele - Maria Jose
Vikter Duplaix - That Night (With Jazzanova)
Thievery Corporation - The Outernationalist

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  1. Blogger jambino posted at 2:41 AM  
    Lambeau Field is sacred ground to me. Everywhere children play is sacred ground. Great post. Thanks :)

    You might want to add "let the children play" by Santana ;)
  2. Blogger Temetwir posted at 8:55 AM  
    awesome way to associate :)

    and you should definitely stick with drawing, photography just isn't your thing heh
  3. Blogger Traveleer posted at 9:08 AM  
    Take it from one man who gets on the field(grass not sand though) every week, it is not pretty when you have bruises everywhere and you have to go to work the next day (yes, I am slightly limping this monrning). If you look closely you will find out that the shout are cusses and the football can easily turn into wrestling. BUT, I(we) love it, its the beautiful game.
  4. Blogger 1001 Nights posted at 12:56 PM  
    I never heard of it and it sounds French. This place is in Kuwait I assume?

    Drive safely woman.
  5. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:15 PM  
    I am in no way connected with Kuwait, but boy oh boy your posts sure are a pleasure to read. There is this sense of calm and tranquility in your writings that I enjoy.

    Keep on writing!
  6. Blogger Shurouq posted at 7:07 PM  
    And I am in every way connected to Kuwait and boy oh boy your posts are truly a pleasure to read.

    O ham keep on writing :*

    Jambino, While reading this lovely entry I had Pink Floyd's Fearless in mind. Remember Liverpool's fans chanting at the end? But your songs works too :)

    Erzulie, what do you do in life?
  7. Blogger Trevelyana posted at 6:25 PM  
    oh you made me nostalgic. I loved playing soccer as a kid.
  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:22 PM  
    Before I reply to anyone, I would really like to say that everyone's comments made my day, mostly because I adore all those bloggers who did reply to this post! A big virtual hug for all the previous bloggers :)

    jambino: All I can say is fight & bring the bacon home to old Green Bay :P~ and that tune would be great...much more digestable than that Nick Cave crap on the radio...

    temetwir: Hey! Well, 'never said it was. I blame it on my dad. He got my digital camera from a business trip to China. Now I'm wondering if using the term "Chinese quality" is racist or not. It may be a somewhat true generalization. All I know is that my digital camera from China sucks.

    traveleer: It certainly is a beautiful game :) I don't know but for some reason, I love the thought of discarding all of your day's thoughts and issues and just focusing on that one goal, literally and figuratively. My older brother plays on's artificial though. I'm sticking to my gym for now.

    and I am a very good driver. I can be a bit rash but overall, I have good control over my cow of a car.

    anon: Thank you :))

    shurouq: Haha! Thanks a lot Shurouq :)) And what do I do in life? Job-wise you mean? If so, it involves writing too, but not as much as I want it :) Too bad journalism has a bad name in this country, along with every other creative field of work.

    trevelyana: As a kid? I still love it! I kick ass in soccer regardless of my uncoordinated moves. I have no aim but I am a fast runner. And plus, I think my height intimidates your typical compact soccer player, although they usually weigh twice as I am.
  9. Blogger BarcaFan posted at 2:43 AM  
    Ur referring I assume to the Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin no? Me thinks, in my infinite knowledge, that the said field is meant for playing football, American Style. The ball is not a black and white one (not even a ball really), but is a brown double ended cone that is commonly referred to as a "pigskin". Oh, and I think that it is only you, prodigy, that performs said task with the toothpaste. Nice blog btw..

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