Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So I'm home…

My flight was really tiring. I was stuck with aisle seats on both flights; I was busy guarding my elbows from runaway carts. I sometimes think that flight attendants secretly enjoy it when they see passengers twist in their seats, clutching their throbbing elbows after being hit by the clunky trolleys.

I like Frankfurt airport. They have a lot of chocolate shops which is lovely, and especially appreciated by someone like me. But they do not have any chairs. I ended up circling the damned airport several times before finally giving up; I spread my shawl on the floor and listened to my music collection. Oh yeah, I just bought an iPod (hurrah!) and I was thinking that I'd rather lose my passport than this flat screened device. I loaded almost 1,000 songs. I'm a little apprehensive about ditching my CD player. It has been there for me through ups and downs, literally; I would jog, sprint, throw it across the room and nothing would happen to it. But I simply cannot continue to wince and flinch every time I hear a scratch or a defect during one of my favorite songs.

My family is lovely and doing well. The food is lovely too. I threw a bit of a food tantrum today; we had chicken machboos and my mom had "shabzi" and I simply abhor it. "Erzulie, I didn't know you didn't like it. Let me call the cook and tell her to make daqoos…. Hello? Yes, make daqoos for Erzulie because…Oh, you knew that she didn't like shabzi?" Even our cook knew! I hate that stuff! It smells like rotten henna and it tastes like grass mixed with curry.

I've been fantasizing about Lorenzo's chocolate cheesecake. It's like a piece of heaven. Oh Lorenzo, where art thou. My sister and I sometimes stop by in the afternoon and take a whole cake with us. I remember taking a slice with me upstairs; I engage in an illicit yet ephemeral affair with the divine mass on my plate. Yummy.

I must say the weather is brilliant. I was jogging around today and the breeze was perfect. My mom drove me this morning to get my hippy hair chopped off; I was leaning back in the passenger seat as the wind made my strands dance across the window's open frame…such a lovely change from --20ºC.

PS There will be a lack of music and possibly no music. I might even be a little slow on posting and such. But I'm still here :) I was telling my friend that the three F's (family, friends, and food) will keep me busy for about a month. Also, FastelCrap isn't helping.

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  1. Blogger Trevelyana posted at 5:14 AM  
    7amdilla 3a salama Erzulie.

    Ah .. what I wouldn't do for a warm breeze and a night time jog..

    Enjoy your stay... enough for the both of us heh..
  2. Blogger Jandeef posted at 8:50 AM  
    How could you not like shabzi :(
  3. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:05 AM  
    Leeno: Allah esalmich...and thanks :)

    Purg: Thanks :)

    Jandeef: GRASS! GRAAAASS! It smells funny. It tasty euwy. Don't get me started :P
  4. Blogger Shurouq posted at 9:41 AM  
    Welcome home, Erzulie
    Enjoy your stay and try to make time for blogging between the three F's
  5. Blogger K.thekuwaiti posted at 11:00 AM  
    Welcome home!

    #3 was on your flight! I did'nt go to the airport becuase of some meeting.
  6. Blogger Delicately Realistic posted at 11:41 AM  
    7amdilah 3al salama ya 3asal!
    Nawairat ilq8!
    We have a lot in common in this post.
    My bro and sis are back, they came today.
    Lorenzo's Chocolate cheese cake = to die forrrrr!!!!
    Mmmmmm its been a while, maybe I should pass by today!
    I on the other hand like shabzi, but I have gotta admit, it does smell like henna! LOL! I always though that!
    I got an iPod too!
    And nooooo we want the music! I love ur music!
  7. Blogger Sedna posted at 1:20 PM  
    Yes we want musiiiic!!

    Home sweet home ha? Nawarat l-kuwait Erzulie :)

    Keep us posted.
  8. Blogger 3baid posted at 1:30 PM  
    Welcome back!

    "They have a lot of chocolate shops which is lovely" Lovely indeed :]

    Congrats on the new iPod, which kind did you get? :P

    If shebzi tastes like grass, what do you think of "mulo'7ya" or fa6ayir sabani'7?
  9. Blogger Erzulie posted at 2:40 PM  
    Shurouq: Thanks and I will :)

    KtheKuwaiti: What's number three?

    DR: I have a big smile on my face :D Thanks for your lovely comments. To be honest, I think I have more time in the US to browse the net and find the music I like. And the connection is not as clickety-click as my kick butt DSL. We'll see, we'll see... :)

    Sedna: Yup, home :)

    3baid: I love mlookhya and fa6ayer sabanikh. I love spinach; sometimes I steam it and eat it alone. Yum. I got a 60 GB (is it GB or KB or watts? I don't know which two-lettered thingi to use) black colored screen. I'm quite satisfied :)
  10. Blogger Temetwir posted at 3:41 PM  
    7amdelah 3alsalama.. and.. shabzi = grass? :/

    dunno the one in my head is the iranian dish .. AND CALLING IT GRASS IS LIKE U SAYING A STEAK IS A BURGER ON STEROIDS

    or not, anyway enjoy the stay :))
  11. Blogger Mohammad Al-Yousifi posted at 10:15 PM  
    7amdella 3aslama...but u insulted 2 things i love...twizleers...o sabzi!..not shabzi!

    its sabzi and its not henna!

    peace and enjoy

    o again word verficiation
  12. Blogger Sami posted at 10:34 PM  
    al7amdelilah 3ala alsalamah. Enjoy your stay and don't have too much fun..a little on those short trips to share3 al7ub :p
  13. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:56 AM  
    Temetwir: Lovely simile :) And thanks...

    Ma6goog: Sabzi? Why 'S'? And I think plastic is a better alternative to Twizzlers, which I think is an insult to candy. Word verification still on :P

    Sami: Looool :P Mashallah share3 il 7ob has international recognition. From what I've been hearing, I think it's also a convenient place for your car to 'accidentally' break down aka damsel in distress schtick. And allah esalmik :)
  14. Blogger 7tenths posted at 3:07 AM  
    Welcome back :) & while I hate to disagree with you, marag shabzi (I use the 'h' too :P) rocks! I guess you're gona have to taste my grandmother's to get convinced ;) Weather is prett cool as long as the season-altering sun isn't up and at it! & watch out where you jog! I got chased by a friggin' angry stray dog the other day!! :(
  15. Blogger Erzulie posted at 10:30 AM  
    7tenths: Where'd you jog?!?! I'm okay with small dogs because they're kick-able but big dogs...hmm, not so much. And our shabzi is pretty good and from what I know, not a lot of places get it right. It's just that nobody likes it except my mom. And we end up complaining :P
  16. Blogger 7tenths posted at 6:51 PM  
    I used to jog around the neighbourhood (Yarmouk), we do got a mamsha bes I only temporarily get on it as part of my trail ;) This scene with the huuuuuge dog took place near the jam3iya actually, where I cowardly (is that a word?) raced for safety! :P I drive (not walk) by that are now and then, bes no sign of that damn dog!
  17. Blogger Erzulie posted at 1:16 AM  
    7tenths: Hmm...well I'm okay with stray dogs for now. My mom is more concerned with stray males though! But I'm occupied with my music while I run my machboos away :P
  18. Blogger 7tenths posted at 3:04 AM  
    At least stray males don't bare their sharp teeth! Well I'm assuming anyways.. :P I listen to music too, bes that ain't gona protect me from Rabies!! :P
  19. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:18 PM  
    7tenths: Again, you'd be surprised :)

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