Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dance Like No One's Watching

“I promise, you can dance with us next time,” and with that, her curly-haired sister bounced up and assumed her position between her two impatient cousins.
The young girl sulked on the white couches, watching the older girls practice their choreographed dance while wearing their treasured shirts that displayed the beloved bands’ youthful faces.
After spending time floundering around in her grandmother’s guest room, she looked at the dancing threesome consumed with their intricately synchronized leg movements.
I can dance better than them, she thought before leaving the musical scene.
She entered her grandmother’s empty bedroom; the band’s music was faint but she can still hear the popish beat. She faced the mirror, determined to outperform the others. With that, she began to wave her gangly arms as she jumped about, shaking her stringy, sun kissed hair.
“Ha! Chakainach!”
She whipped her head around only to find her smiling mother standing near the doorway.
“Yomaaa!” she cried through blushing cheeks.
“Yallah rig9ilena rag9a! Laish wegaftay!” Her mother insisted, her face glowing.
Her mother laughed whole-heartedly as her daughter threw herself into her arms.


PS To my sister and her once beloved band.

PPS To my dear mother, who caught me dancing more than once.

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  1. Blogger 7tenths posted at 10:18 AM  
    Shotgun!! Awww what a cute story :) Bes chena bada3tay shweya with the 'threw herself into her arms' bit? Yalla give us some action/suspense!! :P "She ran wrecklessly down the hall shouting I'll never dance again .. The police looked everywhere .. Her left shoe was found on a tree branch.." .. I need to stop watching tv :/
  2. Blogger Trevelyana posted at 2:57 PM  
    Aww.. I hated dancing in front of people as a kid. Now.. somebody just make me stop..
    You made me miss my mom :(

    P.S. Wonderful template, very you.
  3. Blogger Baroque posted at 3:24 PM  
    don't tell me that was during the spice girls phase? hehe we all went thru that one!
  4. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:35 PM  
    7tenths: Heh, yeah, that you need to do :p

    Leeno: Same here :) And thanks...

    Charisma: Heh, nooo...this was before the Spice Girls...press the little link and you'll see...you HAVE to know it!
  5. Blogger bo_ghazi posted at 11:09 PM  
    LooooL :p
    Fayrouz.. nice.
  6. Blogger Emikweesta posted at 4:39 AM  
    Very cute story. By the way you have a nice sense of writing. I enjoy your writing style and stories, they also remind me of my childhood...

    Nice music choice.. Fairuz.
  7. Blogger Erzulie posted at 6:05 AM  
    Bo_Ghazi: :P~

    Emikweesta: Thanks :)
  8. Blogger Homer Al-Simpson posted at 6:19 AM  
    you know, i like your taste in music, i like it so much that i even got a section with the songs you pick, but this particular song i have to say wont be making it's way into my ipod..
    P.S thnx for bringing back the memory of a time long ago, way WAY back in the day, when i foolishly sang along, bopped my head and tried to copy the moves of the new kids(the horror, the absolute horror)
  9. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:58 AM  
    Homer: Wow I'm flattered! Well, yeah I guess this song is memorable and not iPod material :P
  10. Blogger Delicately Realistic posted at 7:18 PM  
    Waaaaaaay Erzulie! Tyanineen! That was such a cute story and that soooong waaaaaaaaaaaay shakhbaaaaaaary!!!

    You put a huge smile on my face!
  11. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:12 AM  
    DR: Lol :P Whay athker we were obsessed...Joey, Kelly, oo madry mino...they were the first official "Pop" boy band though :P

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