Monday, May 22, 2006

Little Brother Thinks Big

Every now and then, I grumble and complain when my older brother scrutinizes my dark kohl or fitted attire. However, I have come to realize that my big bro is way more indifferent to my skirts and even guy friends than my squirt of a little brother.

Two summers ago, I was vacationing with my parents and younger brother in Europe. The almost seven year old kid plopped on my bed and watched me as I gave a surprise phone call to my good Saudi Arabian friend who was then in London for the holidays. When I finished my cheery conversation, my brother was looking at me in a peculiar way before he asked, “Mino hatha?” I told him it was my friend from college. Suddenly he inquired, “Hatha rifeejich?” Note that he did not say “Your friend” or “9adeeqich,” which is less black and white than the term he used. Of course, I was taken back. Was I being interrogated by my seven year old brother? I told him he’s one of my best friends before he looked at me amusingly, “Hmm…okay.” I was still stunned and slightly freaked at his sudden change in demeanor and tone.

Last summer, I joined my older brother, mother, and the squirt for a not-so-quiet dinner at the overrated Indian restaurant in Marina Crescent. The gang was waiting for me in the car. Everyone was already jammed in there. Everyone except the squirt; he was waiting for me patiently near the front door. He looked at me quizzically, eyeing my knee-length skirt, “Hathi il tanoora gi9eera?” Again, I was startled by his question/pseudo-provoking comment, “La moo 7i9eera. 7ilwa. Yallah imsh il sayara.”

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  1. Blogger ScarlO posted at 12:12 PM  
    how cute :-D

    Let's hope my 4-year old doesn't turn that way, lol. He already sticks his bloody nose everywhere ..
  2. Blogger MSB posted at 12:18 PM  
    I'm sure u view it from a different angle.. but from where i'm sitting, i find it very endearing and cute! i have a younger brother and though it may catch me off guard the first time he makes a comment like that, but i think i would love it!
  3. Blogger Sedna posted at 3:57 PM  
    Aww 7abeeeeebi.. that's so cute!

    But yeah. Put a stop to it right now before it grows into a habit :/
  4. Blogger Temetwir posted at 6:19 PM  
    before this turns into girls-saying-'awww'-and-its-'cute'-yet-nothing-but

    i say its right + his right

    homeboy is old school, mad respect
  5. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:29 PM  
    scarlo: It was unexpected, to say the least. Younger brothers are good fun though :))

    msb: I found it cute as well but that was the first time he ever made a remark like that and I thought "Someone is growing up!" Let's just hope he doesn't grow up too quickly :))

    sedna: Heh, no. I don't think it'll ever be a habit.

    Temetwir: My older brother has a right to advise me on such things. My younger brother? Someone still in his single digits? I think I have a right to awakla tibin if it gets too out of hand...
  6. Blogger 3baid posted at 10:57 PM  
    Ya7laila, looking out for (butting in?) his sister :P~
  7. Blogger Angelo posted at 11:13 PM  
    *In Janice voice*

    Well, I have gotta say I am the youngest sibling in my family and I always stick with the youngest YOU GO "SQUIRT" LoL.

    Hmmm...Maybe I should organize a league for younger siblings or something!!
  8. Blogger Baroque posted at 11:57 PM  
    oh no!
    i have a little bro too..
    is this some kind of foreshadowing to what i might go thru later on?

    i'd kill the squirt ;p
  9. Blogger Caffeinated posted at 12:15 AM  
    Brainwash him now while you still have the chance...
  10. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:40 PM  
    3baid: He's a sweetheart :)

    Fallen: That's possible...

    baroque: Heh, I think it's the male (macho?) gene :P

    Caff: Always a step ahead :P
  11. Blogger Delicately Realistic posted at 2:52 PM  
    Allaaaah y3eeeeeenich 3alay! :)
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:07 AM  
    DR: He's all heart :)) And it is lovely to see him touch upon the manly man side of him :P But let's hope he doesn't get too dogmatic!

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