Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weld El Latheena

Last Christmas, I met my mother, younger brother, and his friend at Soug Sharq. They had just gotten out of a children’s movie before the two boys hit the arcade section. The mass of people who exited the theater soon left the field, but there was one man, a Kuwaiti version of Willie Garson with glasses, who lingered around a little bit longer along with his scrawny friend. My mother and I were sitting on the wooden benches in the center and the man, who was probably in his early-thirties, was looming behind my mother at a safe distance, in an attempt to establish eye contact. Over time, I dismissed his presence and concentrated on my mother’s words. However, I was still bewildered at his odd presence.
After my brother and his amigo used up all their tokens, we went downstairs to Haagen-Dazs. Soon enough, the irritating schmuck positioned himself behind my mother but now, he was simulating holding a phone with his puny hand.

I have come across many little shits in Kuwait that attempt to penetrate my private space, but this was the most bizarre incident ever. First of all, I was with my mother and the two boys. If I was alone, it would have been a bit more normal. Second, I simply cannot understand how a grown man has the lack of dignity and respect to stand in the middle of a mall and behave in such a depraved and immature manner.

Thomas Bangalter - Club Soda
The Groove Robber ft. DJ Shadow - Hardcore [Instrumental] Hip Hop
Dirty Vegas - Candles
Force of Nature Nujabes & Fat Jon - Tsurugi no Mai

On another note, happy 4/20...
Don Redman & his Orchestra - Reefer Man

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  1. Blogger 3baid posted at 9:34 PM  
    "many little shits in Kuwait"

    LOL! Exactly.
  2. Blogger Pieces of Me posted at 9:50 PM  
    You'd think that the guys will mature every year, instead every christmas when i go back its worse than the year before
  3. Blogger The Stallion posted at 9:57 PM  
    All I can say is, "Welcome to Kuwait!" The majority of the male population here is utterly ignorant and extremely disrespectful! They should realise that they should give it up and try something more productive with thier time! I guess they just like to be "shot down" all the time!
  4. Blogger Temetwir posted at 10:34 PM  
    i would imagine the knit wit thought he was doing u a favor in showing u his heroic stances and impartiality to ur mother's presence .. i would imagine the knit wit thought a lot of things, including "ya7lailha mesta7ya"

    mes7eeha b wayhe hal mara

    i find it 'amusing' that u guys left out kel shay in the incident and focused on the fact that it happened in kuwait (and i would imagine a kuwaiti male involved)

    all i can say is, ely may3arf elsager yashweeh ya jema3at elkhair :)
  5. Blogger Baroque posted at 1:07 AM  
    30 year old? thats not as weird as a 50 year old chasing you around the mall, or following you in the car and sticking his mobile at u!

    ewwww... perverted middle aged men just freak me out! especially when my dad is younger than them, and i'm as old as their grand daughter..
  6. Blogger Erzulie posted at 2:47 AM  
    3baid: Yup, unfortunately...

    Pieces: I second that...sadly enough...

    Stallion: Well, ignorant and disrespectful are two different things. It's that latter that crappy. I mean, they're not only disrespecting others but their own self.

    Temetwir: Well, I wasn't acting like I was bothered. I was extremely indifferent and I didn't bat an eye at him. But the whole time I was thinking "Seriously? Grow the hell up and get a life!"

    Baroque: Well, he was 30-something, about 35, 37. I should've said that he was nearing 40. The strangest incident was when a 50-something guy hit my arm in Marina Crescent (on a Friday freakin' morning) so I could take his number. Another time, I was followed by another 50-something, fat, heavily bearded man in what seemed like a family truck decorated with cartoon stickers all the way from home to Sharq. I was hesitant on leaving my car because I didn't want to get stoned or whipped. Freaky people...
  7. Blogger Jan6a posted at 3:21 AM  
    Have you noticed how 'wild el latheena' isn't a complete sentence, wil el latheena shino? hehe But yeah many lil shits in kuwait. Bs then again you find them everywhere.
  8. Blogger A Daydreamer posted at 7:42 AM  
    3ala goolat pieces of me... they get worse and worse each year ohhhh how i DONT miss that in kuwaiT!!!!
  9. Blogger 7tenths posted at 2:50 PM  
    Guess everything's already been said (a shameless act indeed), but yep evolution sometimes has a way of backing up on you; was it 'survival of the fittest' or 'survival of the horniest'?
  10. Blogger ZiZoTiMe posted at 3:09 PM  
    If he was a version of Willie Garson or any other famous man... DOn't forget that he is a Kuwaiti man after all so this is normal these days :)
    allah e3enech 3alaihom women
    Hmmm by the way what flavour did u take from Hageen-daz ? :P
  11. Blogger Entrepreneur posted at 4:40 PM  

    Thanks for Nas ft. R.Kelly - Street Dreams [Trackmaster's Remix].

    Just what I needed on this lazy friday
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 5:45 PM  
    Jan6a: Weld el latheena is a masaba yes, but you can add a bunch of things to the end. I like it as is because you can go "Aya weld el...ta3al!" or "Wellllld el lllatheena!" And you know, there are little shits scattered all over but you rarely come across them amidst families on a Friday morning.

    Daydreamer: Yup, they suck.

    7tenths: If it's this or that, I just hope that extinction will come along sooner.

    Zizotime: Ee el qeefa. And yeah, I gotta admit that sa3at I look at guys and sigh,"It would be so much easier..." Oh, I didn't order anything because I was still eating the caramel popcorn I bought although I didn't see the movie. The two kids got some crepe crap and I sneaked in a few bites :P And yes, I remember my food. Don't get me started on food.

    Entre: Anytime :))
  13. Blogger The Krispy Dixie posted at 6:52 PM  
    u got off easy as far as i can tell... ;)
  14. Blogger ZinZinQ8 posted at 9:13 PM  
    7imday rabbich inna kintay ma3a ommich ana rfeejti kanat bissayara ma3a ubooha oo kan fee wa7id trying to her attention in a nearby car!
  15. Blogger Erzulie posted at 10:49 PM  
    Krispy: Heh, yeah, this time...

    Zinzin: E9ara7a madry shidoor ib balhom 3ala hal 7arakat el ar3a. Ya3ny shal qelat il 7aya? Ana moo gadra afham shlon riyayeel shkoborhom yet9arefoon hal ta9arofat eli malha ma3na.
  16. Blogger Dr.Lost posted at 12:52 AM  
    last x-mas? and now u remembered the salfa?? taw il nas ;p

    anyways thats our lovely society babe.. we are doomed with mentalities that i believe originated from somebody' ass :)
  17. Blogger Fedo posted at 1:24 AM  
    One word: typical.
  18. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:04 AM  
    DrLost: Heh, yup. And yeah, some incidents are unfortunately unforgettable like this one.

    Fedo: Yes.
  19. Blogger DiiGMaa posted at 2:04 PM  
    many psychos around !!

    Dirty Vegas - good choice gal ;)
  20. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:23 PM  
    Digma: Yup...and thanks :)
  21. Blogger Kuwaity Commenter posted at 8:34 AM  
    I hope you celebrated 4/20 ;)

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