Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kinder Love

What is life without Kinder?

I spotted you when I was walking down the aisle
It was a crowded day in the market
And I haven’t seen you for a while

I remembered your chocolaty taste, your sweet, milky flavor
Oh how I wanted to eat you right then and there!
But I calmly grabbed you, the greatest possession to savor.

I jumped in my car and slid the orange and white bars in my hand
I slowly bit and sucked on my treat,
I was uplifted to Choco Heaven; Oh the feeling was so grand!

I arrived home, smiling with pleasure from my Kinder,
Erzulie! Your face is flushed!” my mother exclaimed.
I gave her the last bar in the pack, and together we enjoyed your splendor.
PS Bob Dylan - I Want You
PPS The Miracles - You've Really Got a Hold on Me
PPPS The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup

at 3:41 AM


  1. Blogger Jandeef posted at 5:42 AM  
    Kinder is the work of the devil!

    Damn so irresistable!
  2. Blogger don_veto posted at 8:49 AM  
    Kinder are delicious, try the egg kinders, you get little toys inside.
  3. Blogger 3baid posted at 9:40 AM  
    *claps* I can imagine this as a commercial! Much better than "'7elha bainak o bueano" :/
  4. Blogger 7tenths posted at 12:12 PM  
    Madre 3eyel I always found that chocolate unfulfilling :/ I mean it was too meager & never really filled you mouth with choco-goodness :P I did love the egg kinders though, bes mainly for the toy assembling :P Hmm my favorite chocolate would prob be Time Out :) As a kid I used to love that 'feel' (elephant) chocolate (that small super creamy one), but find it waaaaay too chocolately now :/ Oh & kudos on "Why don't you build me up build me up buttercup baby.." love that song! Always associated it with There's Something About Mary (they played it during the credits) :)
  5. Blogger Sedna posted at 8:09 PM  
    Am I the only person who doesn't like white chocolate :S

    Except for Kinder eggs, they rock!

    Btw, just read your previous posts, gotta tell you once again: I love your writing Erzulie!
  6. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:46 PM  
    Jandeef: Devilish Choco? :)

    Don_Veto: Yeah but there's more chocolate inside the bar thingis; when my little brother gets the egg we fight over who'll put the toy together,"La7tha asaweelik eyaha!!!" And of course he tosses it over to me in the end i.e. motor skills :P

    3baid: Yay!

    7tenths: I never tried "TimeOut." I stick with the legitimate, well-established chocolate i.e. Galaxy, Toblerone, etc. And I remember that this was actually in the movie! When they were dancing in a line or something :)

    Sedna: Thank you :) I love chocolate...except's too bitter :<
  7. Blogger q8ty-dr posted at 2:17 AM  
    waaaaaw kinder egg is amazing .... cant resist them ..... and i collect the toys too
  8. Blogger Homer Al-Simpson posted at 3:18 AM  
    We dance and sing
    We laugh in spring
    We visit friends
    And linger

    But nothing compares
    To the one who dares
    To stuff his face
    With kinder
  9. Blogger Erzulie posted at 5:15 AM  
    q8tydr: A collector of toys? And a doctor? You must have some collection :)

    Homer: My first response was "I love you!" Wow that's a fabulous lil' poem! Beats my five minute attempt at making one up :P Mine was mostly about the company's origin and not merely on the structure of the you see :P
  10. Blogger kila ma6goog posted at 3:55 PM  
    eat is danish:P
  11. Blogger Ms.Baker posted at 6:48 PM  

    I can see I am not the only one whose passionate love affair with a chocolatey candy inspires timeless poetry, LOL!

    Ms Baker, who LOVES Kinder too - both the crispy hazlenut one and little milky chocolate bar kinds...
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:04 PM  
    Kila Ma6goog: That's the point :)

    Ms.Baker: *sigh* What can I say, I mean it really makes me feel good! Too bad all the chocolate here in the US is euwy...

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