Friday, May 26, 2006

When they know too much...

Group meeting during a lazy, Sunday afternoon.

Me: “Okay, so our next meeting is Wednesday night?”
Eric: “Yeah. Man, I hate it when our meetings are late. I get so hungry!”
Me: “Yeah me too. Well, I’ll be happy to get some pizza.”
Eric: “No you don’t have too I was just---“
Shannon: “Nahh. Erzulie can afford it. She has a stipend from the government.”

Way3at yadee. Oo la2, etkamel, “from the government!”

Tricky - Aftermath
Badly Drawn Boy - The Shining
Pink Floyd - Pillow of Winds

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  1. Blogger Fouad posted at 1:37 AM  
    way3at yadee?
  2. Blogger ScarlO posted at 5:49 AM  
    LOL, yeah that can be a pain in the arse sometimes. Well, haven't had your very experience, but I know how ugly it feels 'when they know too much'

    Next time offer dolma :-p
  3. Blogger ZinZinQ8 posted at 6:41 AM  
    erzzzzz! sh7agga gaylatluhum hathaila ma yingalihum shayy!!! igree il mu3awathat!

    fouad, way3at yadee is the short for "way3at yadee traggid 7ailik" and way3a is waja3 in Arabic but we don't see the "jeem" in Kuwait. In English, the translation is "May the pain my grandfather felt before his death pain you as well and may it tire you until you die" Ya3ni shaii chithee manee mit2akda...
  4. Blogger Erzulie posted at 7:42 PM  
    Fouad: I panicked when I read your comment! Thankfully, Zinzin answered you :) Sorry for the lingo!

    Scarlo: It's not ugly, it's just that I hate people knowing about my financials! And dolma no more! I'd rather order Dominoes and wait for 20 minutes rather than slave in the kitchen for three hours!

    Zinzin: Wallah ma giltlihom! I was shocked a9lan lama galat "stipend" & "government"! I thought akeed t3arif kwaitiyeen oo galolaha! Bes 3ad mino egol hal 7achee! Scholarship oo khala9! And thanks for the Fouadian translation :))
  5. Blogger kila ma6goog posted at 9:17 PM  
    i was in london with my wife and i was in ecco to buy a shoe, the paki guy asked me where are u from?

    i said kuwait

    ooohh rich people

    ooohh u have a lot of money guys

    oooh i wish i was you

    ooohh u came here fora vacation, ur so lucky man


    wede agoola shut the fu*k up

    9eknee e3eeen chenne nag9ek

    lool 3ala qal ana bashtre joty eb 40 pound mo bedza
  6. Blogger Fouad posted at 11:46 PM  
    "May the pain my grandfather felt before his death pain you as well and may it tire you until you die"

    Jesus Christ! Not what I expected, I can tell you this much :)

    Pretty amazing what can hide in two seemingly innocuous words.

    Didn't know the "j" is lost in Kuwaiti. Interesting. Any ties to spanish? :)

    Anyway, thanks for the translation zinzin. I appreciate the effort. And Erzulie, careful who you tell your secrets too...
  7. Blogger Fallen Angel posted at 9:03 AM  
    LooooooL Erzulie you are hilarious!!

    That's remind me of my cousin. She usually says "Way3at yadee wel hawa sharjee" or "Way3at yadee el'le ra7 men hal denyah".
  8. Blogger Hazolat posted at 11:30 AM  
    LoL I think we all know what you mean. When I was in the States and saleswomen ask me where I'm from I go "I'm from Yemen" and they back off, 3an il 3ain :-P

    As for the financial support and grants from Kuwait, Allah Wil grant! It's very low compared to what had been given years ago. Did you know that Kuwaiti students get the lowest grant of all the gulf countries? We're lower than 3man. La Billah Ma7soodeen.
  9. Blogger Temetwir posted at 4:43 PM  
    erzulie, i bet u get the same when someone mentions rent

    fallen: its daf3at mardee welhawa sharjee ;]

    fouad: very interesting that u note that .. there r definite similarities between spanish and arabic (as a whole) in terms of structure and use .. so its really worth looking into the phonology of it too
    i cant help but think that the J phoneme we recognize from standard Arabic occurs in similar places (in relation to vowels perhaps?) in an accent of the kuwaiti dialect as it does in spanish.
    am ranting here but i loved what u noted

    erzulie, 3ady 3ady u got a stipend from the govt u can afford the bandwith ;]
  10. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:30 PM  
    kila ma6goog: lol :P I just hate the stereotype! Oo akrah lama they joke and say "Yeah Erzulie, just call daddy and ask him for money."

    Fouad: I didn't tell! I don't know who did; other Kuwaitis should keep their mouths shut about these issues! And yes, that's the translation, though the English one sounds a bit harsh; I think the Lebanese one is a bit more appropriate...

    Fallen: :))

    Hazolat: Exactly! But I think they increased it now. I hope they don't increase it right after I graduate otherwise, I'll be back to collect my neglected funds! And Yemen all the way :P 'Hope they don't ask me anything about it's history though :P~~

    Temetwir i.e. Erzulie's Temp: Thanks for ALL your comments :P
  11. Blogger Fallen Angel posted at 10:49 PM  
    Ayael feshelah....I made a badleyah!!
  12. Blogger Sedna posted at 12:40 AM  
    Have you heard the one that goes something like this: "Yeah, but you're Kuwaiti...and money grows on trees there" ?
  13. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:56 AM  
    Fallen: Shit happens

    Sedna: I mean, that's on the verge of being downright rude (!)
  14. Blogger Caffeinated posted at 8:08 AM  
    I hope you laid the smackdown after that comment...
  15. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:24 AM  
    Caff: 'Sure did...
  16. Blogger 3baid posted at 1:52 PM  
    Easy. Order pizza and then don't give any to Shannon or anyone else who's jealous :P~
  17. Blogger Erzulie posted at 7:38 PM  
    3baid: No pizza wala ba6eekh. Well, maybe for me and Eric :P~~
  18. Blogger Kleio posted at 12:41 AM  
    I used to get the same thing in the States. Here in London I'm actually on a local (British) scholarship which also gives me a stipend. I get the same crap here sometimes when people know that I have a flat and live on my own. But then again, most of the people who comment are students who came straight from undergrad and are being fully funded by their parents. They don't realize how much of a difference there is. I'm nearly 27, I worked my ass off for four years in between undergrad and grad school and made my own money, and I worked hard enough in school and afterwards to get a scholarship. So if I can, why shouldn't I live on my own? But they don't see it that way - they just think Kuwaiti = oil wells.

    Then whenever I get into a conversation with someone about what I used to do in Kuwait, my job and what I'd accomplished by the age of 26 before grad school, they're eyes get big and round and they're like "Wow, I had no idea, that's impressive. So not all Kuwaitis are lazy then?" Bah!
  19. Blogger Kleio posted at 12:43 AM  
    Oops, "their" not "they're". :)
  20. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:16 AM  
    Kleio: You're truly amazing. That was very inspiring :) Thank you.
  21. Blogger Kleio posted at 4:03 AM  
  22. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:19 AM  
    kleio: Haha :P

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