Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Failed Flirt & Other Juicy Bits...

I stopped by my favorite sandwich joint today to pick up my usual lunch, a tuna sandwich without cucumbers, between classes. I walked in and there he was; a cross between Denzel Washington and a Greek god leaning on the cashier. I slowly floated to his smiling, beaming face.

“Hi, can I get your order?”
I was at a loss for words, “Yeah…erm…I’ll just get a tuna sandwich without tuna.”
He laughed.
I blushed and corrected my order.
I left the place with my cucumber-free tuna sandwich and butterflies.

World Cup Juice:

Simao Sabrosa (Portugal) - I think he's very handsome. And the baby is squishable!

Cristinao Ronaldo (Portugal) - Madry ya3ny shagool...Hiffttt...

Luca Toni (Italy) - Shay ma 7a9al...I will always be loyal to be second home, the land of beauty and beautiful things ;P

Dedicated to Italia and hot sweetness:

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me

at 5:27 AM


  1. Blogger Caffeinated posted at 8:08 AM  
    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Erzulie for giving us such beautiful eye-candy in the morning. (Well, that's when I checked it).

    This is going to be a good day.

    PS: I'm assuming that you will return to the sandwich shop? ;)
  2. Blogger MiYaFuSHi posted at 8:43 AM  
    Tuna never sounded so good!
  3. Blogger DiiGMaa posted at 9:56 AM  
    looooooool w/o tuna !!!!
    cracked me up at my desk...
    cuuuuuuuutttteeeeeeeee and butterflies aawwwwwwwwwwww....

    P.s. Thanx for the early morning goodies ;***

    s very very YummmmmY
  4. Blogger Jacqui posted at 9:56 AM  
    OMG You find Luca Toni hot too?! I find him so hot, I dedicated a few pictures to him in my yesterdays post or the day before it basically, the one right after the game hehe he's sizzling, I don't know what it is about Italian men! :/

    And well I might not enjoy Team Portugal but I can say that Ronaldo is one hot cookie! I wouldn't mind getting a bite out of that ;P

    But I still stand by Team Italy, and my hot hunks: Buffon, Del Piero, Luca Toni, and Barzagli (sigh) so yeah :P I love Italy and I love hot men :P
  5. Blogger Baroque posted at 11:50 AM  
    yummy tuna!
    allah iyhadach shawagteeny even though i am in the process of having a cereal for breakfast ;p
  6. Blogger Kleio posted at 12:22 PM  
    Forza Azzurri!!! Yaaaaay all my fellow Italo-philes! :) Del Piero - enough said. Those puppy-dog eyes. *sigh*

    I also find Zidane extremely sexy - especially since he's such a fantastic player. He's got class when he plays - he has charm out there on the pitch. Like P says, he plays from the heart, for the art of football. I was so sad yesterday when France didn't score because I want Zidane to have a good last World Cup. This is his last ever tournament. :(
  7. Blogger Your Battlefield posted at 4:17 PM  
    ouch he's soooo hooottt ...speaking about cristinao ronaldo ohhhh...thats why i route for portugal to win the world cup inshallah they last to the end....god how i love number 17 :)
  8. Blogger Temetwir posted at 6:58 PM  
    greek gods kelwa7ed le7yeta a6wal mena o perverts who sleep with fish and goats o madry sheno

    ronaldo mara refa3 raf3a khalany a7tarma mn yomha.. ill try to get it for u

    i hope the italians and the czechs ma yel3enon khair ba3ath match after next 3ashan kha6ry o they both qualify.. aw bel a7ra, i hope the czechs go easy on the italians :)
  9. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:41 PM  
    Caff: Oh I live for eye-candy :P
    And I stopped by there today actually ;P Talk about a 2-in-1 meal :)~

    Miya: You bet :P

    Diigmaa: I tried to find the scrumptious looking dudes on the field...the last one is edible :)

    Jacqui: Italian men are god's gift to women. On or off the field :P

    Baroque: Lol :P I think the last time I had cereal for breakfast was...well I don't's been years!

    Kleio: Zidane is hot, but he has a weird head. I mean, some guys have really great looking heads when they shave. Others just look like aliens. Zidane is a bit off both, depending on the angle of the camera...

    your battlefield: Cristinao is just...I mean he's handsome and pretty! Dammit...

    Temetwir: I'm referring to the physique of Greek gods i.e. muscular, built, posture, grandess, etc...Not about the fish. Hell, if anyone was as handsome as a Greek god I won't care if he sleeps with the entire animal kingdom!
    Czechs! Ikhasoon! I will give them the "evil eye" so my team of husbands-to-be rise to the occasion ;P
  10. Blogger Fallen Angel posted at 3:47 AM  
    Hmmm, that's a new way to look at the World Cup fever this year: Hot players!!
    Maybe your post will ease SOME of the girls around the blogsphere and watch the World Cup for a change.
  11. Blogger Shurouq posted at 8:49 PM  
    Hiffft min galb..
    Mako kuwaitieen chethi?
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:58 PM  
    Fallen: Erm, it was never a "new" way :P

    Shurouq: Mako :P And if there are, they're probably hiding under a rock or something...
  13. Blogger Jacqui posted at 10:19 PM  
    Did you get a chance to check out Barzagli, I mean he's so yummy that he's on my display picture right now! Oh my MSN one :r Hehehe So yeah Italian men sure are god's gifts to us!
  14. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:03 PM  
    Jacqui: I just googled Barzagli. I'm more into the bronze look as opposed to the cute/white/pretty boy look. He does have nice lips though. I want to pull his hair :P~ Damn! They all have a good head of hair!
    I feel so perverted. I've been googling Italian football players since yesterday...but I'm sticking to Luca Toni...offfaiiinn!!
  15. Blogger ZinZinQ8 posted at 1:29 PM  
    erz girl I miss your quirky posts yulla something new something new!

    (I saw the flag on that last guy and first thought he was Kuwaiti... Im clueless about soccer. At any rate he's not Kuwaiti, hard luck for us girls, we need to find away to get him the jinsiya)
  16. Blogger Erzulie posted at 11:59 PM  
    Zinzin: Law hatha kwaiti chan al7een a7jiz one-way ticket to Kuwait for the hunt ;P

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