Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another Weird Dream…

As I have said before, I rarely remember my dreams. But today, I woke up in the bright morning light, still worrying about my dream as if it was real. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was all in my head.

I dreamt that I was in our old house in Kuwait. I was trying to shut my eldest sister’s bedroom door. I saw her lying on her bed in the dark, her figure wrapped with flimsy sheets. But there was something blocking the door. It was not a solid object, just a foot of unyielding air. I went down the hall and called my mother. She calmly closed the door and assured me that nothing was wrong. Then I saw our aging housekeeper and she did not seem herself. She hung a small, framed charcoal sketch beside my older brother’s bedroom door. I looked at the scratchy drawing and noticed the Blair Witch symbol (a five-pointed compound symbol with a center triangle pointing down. The five lines resemble the microcosmic man with arms and legs outstretched inside a circle). I demanded why she placed it on the wall. She did not look at me but indifferently walked away. I was still holding the framed drawing and when I looked at it again, the symbol was gone. There were only scratchy, glum comics strewn on both sides of the hard cardboard. Throughout the dream, I sensed an evil, demonic presence. It was unnerving.

I told my ultra-rational, no-nonsense friend about my unpleasant trance. He said that it was probably my subconscious talking and now that I have made the dream’s elements part of my conscious thoughts, I have wasted a bit of my precious memory. Leave it to a computer engineer to systematically decipher murky dreams. Being a superstitious freak, I asserted that there must be some significant factor that makes me, someone who rarely remembers her nightly hallucinations let alone recall specific details, dream of such eerie things.

Regardless of my absurd delusion, do you think that dreams have some sort of supernatural and/or foreshadowing significance or are they merely one’s nutty subconscious babbling away? And how does a person’s faith and depth affect dreams and their realness? Historically, is faith even a factor that impacts the trueness of dreams? I wonder...

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  1. Blogger Temetwir posted at 4:39 AM  
    uneducated guess, i.e. the usual:

    dreams are reality disconnected.

    if i know that in the 'real world' i can't fly a plane backwards, but the thoughts of 'a plane' 'flying' 'backwards' are in my mind, then i can realize the vision (dare i say experience) in a dream

    ^ that, for me, is what dreams really are most of the time .. hmm, images that you somehow connect arbitrarily? and most notably, i guess, are dreams that we forget the minute we open our eyes

    but what you mention of the subconscious, i think, is a bit more about all the things one has not dealt with in the real world - this just in, u know the exp 'slept like a baby', i think that says something about dealing with everything on ur "focused conscious" and thus sleeping without anything 'back there', carefree sleeping of sorts - anyway, so yeah i think we all had dreams that were "abt smthing" that's on our minds on some level

    ^ i think it's diff than the first "image thing" since this is not arbitrary, but really is a .. is .. could be .. a way of dealing with matters that in your focused-state you disregard, but really you are thinking of on some level
    i say this because im remembering this (these) dream(s) i had about school work .. and are, to me at least, the dreams that i do remember (even for long periods of time)

    lucid dreaming on the .. third hand, is THE d,r,e,a,m in "dream", not sure if i have the wrong concept of what it is but i understand it as the time when u KNOW ur dreaming and therefore u steer the dream wherever and however u want .. while knowing it

    you wrote: "And how does a person’s faith and depth affect dreams and their realness?"

    ^ not sure i follow, do u mean: does faith (religious) play a part in how real dreams seem?

    anyway, what do YOU think, how do dreams 'work'? regardless of their significance
  2. Blogger Delicately Realistic posted at 6:56 AM  
    Emmmm. Confusing topic. To me at least.

    Ive studied about sleep & dreaming, & unfortunately theres not much science can say about it.

    Science aside. What I think? I think dreams are means of filtering out wanted & unwanted information in our brains. We probably dream every day but rarely remember. Why we remember sometimes & other times we dont is beyond me. Sometimes dreams reflect our worries at a certain time, like unfinished work or coming exams.

    As for dreams & faith/religion. I think there is a very important link. I think i heard before, the more faithful you are the more accurate dreams you get if u are doing 'istikhara'. Personally, im a dreamer. I dream a lot. Mostly kharabe6. But for the past year that has changed. I have been waking up with dreams that i cannot ignore. I just wake up with a strange feeling & i remember every part of the dream. As soon as i check in my 'tafseer a7lam' it almost always has a meaning. & believe it or not, an event happens that matches the tafseer a few days later, & im not talking about deja vu. Call me superstitious & say its cuz its already in ur head. I actally try to ignore my dreams as much as possible. I only make the link after the event occurs.
  3. Blogger MiYaFuSHi posted at 12:08 PM  
    Hmmm I will tell you from my experience.

    Books about tafseer al a7lam are not true. Otherwise I would have been married 20 times already, had 5 dozen baby boys and been 44 enemies who backstabbed me. Although the last one sounds about right.

    Anyways,sometimes I dream stuff and they happen word for word.
    Very rarely though.

    Sometimes I will dream stuff and wake up with a certain feeling. If I listen to it properly I then know what it means. It can be a warning or a piece of information. But to be able to decipher it, you need to let it come to you naturally without much thinking. Sounds fishy I know :P

    When I am stressed, I have all those running away from drowing and war etc.

    Then there are the plain freaky ones which I have no idea about.
  4. Blogger error posted at 6:22 PM  
    are you reluctant of something?
  5. Blogger Erzulie posted at 4:08 AM  
    Temi: You made a lot of good points (and some which made me a bit dizzy). Faith may be taken in a religious or earthly sense, meaning faith in God or faith as in the soul's depth.

    DR: Wow I kinda freaked out after reading about your connected dreams! But you know, although they might seem a bit unnerving, I think it's actually a good thing. I know a couple of people who dream very real dreams. Most of their dreams are extremely vivid and for the most part, disturbing. But they tell me it's as if it's a wake up call or cautionary sign. That part intrigues me.

    Miya: Lol, yeah. Well, I RARELY remember my dreams. I get bummed out when my friends tell me about their dreams; their stories sometimes take up to half an hour and they tell me all about the specific details and conversations they had and I go back home, lay on my bed and think, "Dream! Yallah!" Ah well...

    error: What do you mean by reluctant? Reluctant as in afraid or shy or...? If it's more of reluctant=cautious, then always...
  6. Blogger error posted at 1:18 PM  
    its about relationships and gossip although in my humble interpretation things are different then what you thought them to be
    which is good!
    Don’t believe what you hear!!
  7. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:15 AM  
    error: Hmm...relationships? Nope. Gossip? Hopefully not, but you never know. Gossip about my oily hair maybe...I'm somewhat of an outsider here :P
    Hmm...maybe my paranoia drifts into my sleeping thoughts...
  8. Blogger The Krispy Dixie posted at 5:57 PM  
    I think dreams are like a collage of things you see, hear, feel, taste. I read somewhere that throughout the day, a million tiny things enter into you. As in you experience them through one of your senses, but for some reason (like, it doesn't seem important at the time) it doesn't register in your conscious mind and instead will be relegated to your subconscious to be dealt with later.

    Then, when we sleep, I think our brain takes out all of those things it put on the backburner and deals with them by linking them into a dream-like sequence.

    On the religious front, I do think there's a difference between a dream and a vision. I believe in what DR was saying about "istikhara". God will give you an answer one way or another and sometimes it'll be a vision.

    I once had a dream that, to this day, freaks me out so much that I avoid telling it at all costs.. All I can say is that if it freaks you out that much, 9alay rik3itain and read from the quran.. it'll calm you down.. :)
  9. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:10 PM  
    Krispy: Yeah, I think it might have to do with the amalgamation of one's conscious and subconscious thoughts.

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