Saturday, July 01, 2006

From the Heart

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Top Row - Left to Right:

- Zaydoun:Your blog exudes confidence. And I stuck an Ipod on you because you always have the music bit :)
- The Men of Sa7at El Safat: Jandeef (with your WD-40 and college get-up), Mobtad2 (with your "Nowair" and music), BoSalem, and Rasheed El Kha6ar.
- Q: I saw you once and all I remember are your dimples!
-iDip: I put that weed-looking thing in your mouth, the one that is in your display picture. Whenever I see your name, I think of Freak Nasty's song "When I dip you dip we dip You put your hand upon my hip..."

Bottom Row - Left to Right:

- Shurouq: Someone guided me to your picture that is displayed on one of the blogs. The first thing I said when I saw it was "Sh7alat'ha!" Seriously! And the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" suits you well because I would have never thought that a dainty young woman like you would be so ballsy! I love and admire that in you so much, that you were out there both mentally and physically.
- Bo Maryoum: I read but I am too intimidated to comment :P
- Kuwaiti Demon: Hilarious pieces. Just the right amount of sarcasm.
- Zort
- Kila Ma6goog: 7a6aitlik plaster 3ala 9a3roortik :P
- Mad M: I will always be amused at your talents. And I am curious about your serious pieces that I am sure are around here somewhere :P
*Note: Apart from Shurouq & Zaydoun, all drawn bloggers' features came out of my head and from my imagination.

I have never been interested in politics. When I think of it, I remember my parents and older siblings talking about so and so and I never batted an eye, although I do remember a few notable people that always arose in the conversation.

I just want to say that I have never seen such loyalty, commitment, pride, effort, and love directed to one’s country and its wellbeing.

After reading your blogs that combined seriousness and light comedies, I have learned so, so much. I just want to thank you for your hard work. Much, much appreciation, admiration, and mostly, respect.

To other bloggers that put in the effort, I do apologize for not placing you in the drawing. But do not think that your sweat and dedication is not appreciated and treasured not only by me, but by all.

I was in class when I received a text message from my sister that Al-Naibari did not win. I excused myself and headed to the restroom. I am thankful that nobody was there because I was tearing up. He is one of the names that I remember, the one who was always present in my parents’ conversations. I was crying because I know that my heart is not the only one that has been broken. I knew that my dear brother was out and about during this chaotic time, helping and promoting awareness, just like all of you did. Then I thought that this is just the beginning. The end will be in our hands.

Dear bloggers, you have made history.

Bob Dylan - This Land is Your Land
The Clash - Rock the Casbah
Tracy Chapman - Talkin' Bout a Revolution
Bruce Springsteen - We Shall Overcome

at 11:29 AM


  1. Blogger Jandeef posted at 2:47 PM  

    You sure you've only seen 2? Coze some look damn close! Especially Rasheed and Mobi!
  2. Blogger Purgatory posted at 3:10 PM  
    chanel bag, interesting
  3. Blogger مبتدئ posted at 4:47 PM  
    Erzulie ..

    I look so happy and gay!

    Im loving this community feeling.. yala group hug (only the ones in the pic ;p)

    Thanks for this lovely post.
  4. Blogger Shurouq posted at 4:52 PM  
    Hehehe you flatter me!

    Yalla Erzulie..
    Finish school, come back home, and join our orange frenzy.. I'm saving you a "nabeeha khamsa" t-shirt.

    Now let me go get my crayons :D

    (Purgatory, I can get you one)
  5. Blogger Mad M2000 مــادم الكويت posted at 5:34 PM  
    Good stuff

    You have good skills and you did capture the essence of each bogger.

    Including myself

    But that beard does make me look like a 2nd grade terrorist ;)
  6. Blogger مبتدئ posted at 5:43 PM  
    BTW, Im loving the songs.. thanks ..
    ya zeenhom wala oo aghani il inspiration .. mo "if wjodik ya bunaser, ma 3ala likwait gasir"

  7. Blogger 7tenths posted at 8:05 PM  
    Looks like we've got ourselves another Hitler! .. Wait, did I just insult you? :P
  8. Blogger iDip posted at 8:21 PM  
    nice :)

    your post & drawing made my day!

    -as for the thingy in my mouth, you can call it "weed".
    Q thought that it's a "miswach"... are you reading this Q ;p

    -the drawn bloggers are the fuel that makes me blog.

    -My dedication to you (Link)

    Thanks Dear :)
  9. Blogger Jandeef posted at 10:35 PM  
    With what appears to be light beards on most of us, it looks like we just found jesus after a spring camp with jam3iyat ele9laa7.

    Especially the mustache-less, light bearded Q. Ekhwanchi 9ghayyer :D
  10. Blogger q80_demon posted at 12:20 AM  
    Erzulie: Very nice, its going on my wall. But ... are you sure you did it just from your imagination? The fella in the picture does resemble me but at a younger age :-o

    iDip: did somebody say MISWACH???!
  11. Blogger Erzulie posted at 3:05 AM  
    Jandeef: I saw Shuruq and Zaydoun's photographs...the others are yet to come :)) And I don't know what came over me with the whole "bearded" look! Maybe I just miss my hairy Kuwaiti men as opposed to the hairless guys here. And I remember Q had a five o-clock shadow when I met him...and of course the dimples :P

    Purg: It looks a bit ripped off in the pic. You can tell my knowledge about pricy as hell handbags :P

    Mobtad2: Anytime, and thank you :) Oh and about the songs, well, I wanted to find something in Arabic but I decided on these lana I didn't want to grab an Arabic tune for the hell of it! Well, I hope these work :))

    Shuruq: Yay t-shirt for me! And a leftover bag maybe? Yes? No? :P

    Mad M: Lol... Well, you're an obvious but not so obvious I guess that's why there's a subtle mischeviousness to you! :P

    7tenths: Personally, I consider that a compliment ;P~ Blending art and control, what else do you need?

    iDip: Again, thank you. Yeah, I always thought it was a weed thingi. And I loved the song! Strange because I'm a bit on the hippy side and I still surprise my friends with letters and colorful envelopes amongst their bland mail :P

    Q80 Demon: Wallah! 3ad you came out looking pretty handsome Demon *nudges Demon* :P I messed up your footwear but oh well! :))
  12. Blogger AyyA posted at 8:09 AM  
    That could be me after seeing the results LOL
    Thanks sweetie, and a cyber hug to all bolg-o-sphere community and a big kiss to you :*
  13. Blogger Zaydoun posted at 2:37 PM  
    I get the iPod, but the flower in my ear? Was I a hippy in a former life? Maybe I was!

    Thanks for the great post
  14. Blogger BintBuNaz posted at 5:41 PM  
    Bo Maryoum is Meshari Al-Anjari???


    You're awesome, Erzu :*

  15. Blogger Baroque posted at 7:01 PM  
    lo0l amazing!
    i'm so0o jealous! :P
    how about the people that are so wonderful and make you laugh whenever your read their blogs? they add that smile to your face? ;p

    people like me ;p

    okay okay i nagged alot.. but i'm so0 jealous ;p
  16. Blogger NuNu™ posted at 7:45 PM  
    AMAZING!!! Mashallah!
  17. Blogger jambino posted at 11:37 PM  
    Hey! What about me? :(

    Kidding! :)

    Great post!
  18. Blogger Erzulie posted at 5:41 AM  
    *hugs ayya back* And I didn't mean for that to be a grimace! :P I was aiming for a stately smile, and that I am sure you have :))

    Zaydoun: And thank you for ALL your efforts. Really...

    Bintbunaz: Haha :P They're the awesome ones...I just wanted to express it in my own way :)

    Baroque: Lol :P Well, I probably don't make people laugh but I do aim for a mere smile :)) Thanks...

    Nunu: Ahh it's just a quirky sketch...but thanks :)

    Jambino: Actually, I did think about you but I'm saving you for another that only you would get ;P I don't think you'll mind though...But I'm still thinking about the facial features...I'm aiming for a subtle, brooding look :P~
  19. Blogger Q posted at 9:31 AM  
    lol! Excellent drawing! U got some scary similarities, great skills!

    BoMaryoom looks more like Baghdady here than 3anjiry ;P

    Also, i love the gay atmosphere between sa7at alsafat, especially bosalem's hand in rasheed's hair, and mobtadi's flower :)

    My fav post of the week :P
  20. Blogger Papillona ® posted at 6:08 PM  
    No really, WOW!

    (Q's comment mawatni min il the7ik)
  21. Blogger Ms.Baker posted at 9:16 PM  
    Your drawing is wonderful Erzulie, mashallah 3laych you are really talented :)

  22. Blogger Erzulie posted at 12:20 AM  
    Q: LOL! Wallah entay eli ma ga9artaw :))

    Papi: Heh,'s all for the guys & gals :)

    MsBaker: Thank you :)
  23. Blogger Hanan posted at 11:40 PM  
    Lovely. This is a beautifully drawn and fun to stare at sketch at the same time. You're talented with a great sense of humor. Keep them coming :)
  24. Blogger Erzulie posted at 5:22 AM  
    Hanan: Thanks :)
  25. Blogger ZORT posted at 8:07 PM  
    That was beautiful Erzulie :-) Very warm :-)

    Wanasa it feels like we're a community :-) Thanks ;-)

    P.S. I know I'm lagging..Been distantly blogging for a while now LoL
  26. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:25 PM  
    ZORT: Glad you liked it :) & thank you for all your effort (and creativity!)
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