Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Going Back For Good

Whenever I have a rare break from my hectic schedule, I sometimes drop my backpack on our campus’ parched grass and take a little nap in the breezy, sunny weather. During my drive back home, my windows are down and I have my music turned up. As always, I am in my little bubble, singing along with the song as my hair blows across my face. And then I think to myself, “I would never be able to do this when I go back home.”

Sounds bad doesn’t it?

I won’t be coming back home until January of next year. I miss my family everyday but I always think about the loss of freedom. Every time I return to Kuwait, I visit a few of my friends who have graduated from US universities/colleges and they all tell me the same thing, “Trust me, you’ll miss the US after you come back.” This worries me…how will I cope? Of course, I will have a daily routine composed of work and well, mostly work but what about the little things?

What about playing music with the windows down and not having anyone bat an eye?
What about sitting under a tree for a quick yet satisfying slumber?
I wonder…

Double F. & J. Dilla - Artificial Influence
Double F. & J. Dilla - Staccato
Eddie Gale - Song of Will (Jazzanova Mix)
Murs - Yesterday

Toohey's Beer - Really Funny Commercial...You can't control where your mind drifts too :P~

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  1. Blogger Jacqui posted at 4:33 AM  
    Sadly enough it's true about the commercial lol :/
  2. Blogger Erzulie posted at 6:51 AM  
    Jacqui: Heh, yeah...
  3. Blogger Temetwir posted at 7:13 AM  
    get on highways

    don't do it 3al ba7ar .. and don't do it bel 7ob, and you'll be fine

    it's not about the "place" really, it's about the higher probability of running into the losers who want something to do
    i dont see it strictly confined to girls either.. for example i dont speed on certain streets because i know guys there GO there to race
    (i care as to not break any young boy's heart la shalla3t feh shabetain, mind you)

    i say this not-related to your particular "worry", rather the fact that you really dont care what's what on highways

    unless you're gonna be sporting a convertable vette with a modified audio system blazing .. madri, jalsat 3adaneyaat .. then you KNOW you're doing it to yourself
  4. Blogger Purgatory posted at 7:14 AM  
    You can move to Tibet
  5. Blogger Temetwir posted at 7:16 AM  
    and i thought she would drop the bottle on the ground as to put an end to the whole "daring" thing going on

    why, what else is there to think?
  6. Blogger ZinZinQ8 posted at 11:58 PM  
    Erz Ive been back here since around mid June and so far the only things that really annoy me are really not all that annoying...crazy driving, weird elevators that try to kill you, people staring at you to the level that you get embarassed, etc. Ya3ni these things are superficial and not that bad. As for what I miss in the US, not dressing up and going out in flip flops. Yeah you're not going to be able to take a nap under a tree or sing with the car windows open...But thats not just the fault of the society. Its more because there are stray cats everywhere that would probaby disturb your nap and there's a lot of ghbaar that would itch your threat if you open the window. BUT to make up for that life here is more fresh for lack of a better word. Everything is always changing, new restaurants, new shops, new cafes, new classes. The food is also 10,000,000 better than the food in the US and life in general is a lot more luxurious. You'll like it just fine here inshalla, but come with an optimistic attitude and don't get bogged down by what people say. I personally dont miss the US one bit. I love it here il7imdilla.
  7. Blogger Delicately Realistic posted at 4:25 AM  
    I agree with tem.

  8. Blogger Erzulie posted at 5:40 AM  
    tem: True about the car...but I love that I can do it anywhere here...and the grass?

    purg: You got bored over there? 'Need some company? :P

    tem: Yeah...I'll believe that :P

    zinzin: I suppose you're right. And yes, every place has its ups and downs but I just wish that I can bring back what I love back home. And hey, I'm still sticking to my sweats and flips-flops! Well, sneakers more like it :P

    DR: Yup, circumstantial I suppose...I'll just put a male dummy in my car so I will have an "official escort" to legitimize my voiced melodies :P
  9. Blogger Temetwir posted at 6:25 PM  
    delicate, :)

    erzulie, dont worry.. ill hook u up with weed
  10. Blogger Erzulie posted at 1:32 AM  
    Tem: Don't worry...I flying my stash with me :P~~~
  11. Blogger Kleio posted at 2:13 AM  
    I know it's quite late for me to be commenting here but oh well! I know exactly what you're going through right now. My entire last year in the States (and especially the last semester), I kept catching myself in moments and would think "Wow, I won't be able to do this when I go back home." Even something as silly as going down to my local deli in my PJ pants and T-shirt on a Saturday morning for a bagel.

    But believe me, you get over it really quickly. As ZinZin said, as long as you go with an open mind, you should be fine. Hey, I drive around with my music blasting and sing along as loud as I want - on the highways, on Gulf Road, whatever. My philosophy is, I just don't give a shit what people think. If they wanna stare, let them stare. Hell, I get non-stop stairs just cos of my boy short hair! The bottom line is, never feel the need to restrain yourself when you're really not doing anything wrong, just because of what people might "think". I find, in Kuwait, the more open you are about who you are and what you do, the less "interesting" you become to people. I don't dress up the way they do - I still wear my jeans and my sneakers and barely wear any make-up. I go out with my friends and have as good of a time as I would with my friends in the States.

    You will create a world for yourself here, one that you will actually grow to appreciate all the more specifically because it wasn't handed to you with a big red bow and it was one you really had to work on to get it just right. I lived in Kuwait for four years between undergrad and grad school, and in that time I created a world for myself there that was just incredible. As fabulous as my life in the States was, at this point in my life (my late twenties), the life I have in Kuwait is what makes me really happy. Now that I live in London, I miss it terribly.

    It's all about how you approach it, and about the people you choose to share your world with. Choose wisely - it'll make all the difference! :)
  12. Blogger Erzulie posted at 5:08 AM  
    Kleio: That was hella good. Hmm...I wonder who I will include in my social circle :P
    Yeah I absolutely agree, esp. the part about not doing anything wrong cuz I ain't! And my "screw it/don't give a crap" attitude is getting stronger everytime I go back i.e. sweats vs. dressy jeans...the sweats always win :P

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