Monday, October 24, 2005

The Sorority: The Finale

I did. However, I pledged a week late. I went to about four chapter meetings that were held each Sunday night. I stuck out like a sore thumb; I would show up in my jeans and sweater on formal days, slightly frown at the idea of sharing a cabin with fourteen girls in the woods over a weekend to ‘bond,’ and I never dared to puncture my tops and shirts with the sorority’s mandatory pin. Yet, as they say, I was still curious about what goes on behind closed doors.
At the chapter meets, the girls would plod toward the sorority house. We took off our shoes and boots at the front door and quietly headed to the cozy, burgundy colored living room. I noticed that the pretty and popular girls planted themselves daintily on the few couches while the others plopped down on the carpeted floor, toying aimlessly with their binders that held multiple hymns and verses about sisterhood. Older members guided us through several songs, smiling at us while at the same time categorically eyeing the girls seated before them. As I lip-synched the dowdy verses about praising the Lord and loving my sisters for eternity, I could not help but smirk as I thought ‘If my brother was here, he’d give me one bewildered look of amusement before he would burst out laughing.’ I pressed my lips together and tried to shoo away that silly image.
Spring dances and inebriated trances.
Frat boys and social noise.
Black & white themes and muddled dreams.
It just was not my scene.
I was part of that sorority for about a month if not less. Like all Kuwaiti college students, I used the one excuse that gets anyone out of anything: religion/tradition/culture/parents. And just like that, I was out.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 3:06 AM  
    quite an experience, hein!!
  2. Blogger Erzulie posted at 4:07 AM  
    Foulla: ;Sure was :P
  3. Blogger Sami posted at 5:40 AM  
    It's pretty much like going to a gay bar for the first don't just say it's different :p
  4. Blogger Erzulie posted at 7:02 AM  
    Sami: Haha, but you do feel out of place and a little bit weirded out! Well, that's how it was in my case anyway...
  5. Blogger Trevelyana posted at 7:07 AM  
    You had it easy..
    My "songs" were annoyingly chirpy and lewd.. (Think-- an obscene version of "row your boat")

    The girls.. I'm convinced they were all on ginsing and speed.. it is just not normal to be that happy all the time!

    Then of course there were the "mandatory" bar-hops nightly, while I try to pry my eyelids open the next morning..
    Funny.. I used to same excuse.. guess it's Saudi students too..

    Eh.. I say Good Riddance.. apparently closed doors are closed for a reason..
  6. Blogger snookie posted at 7:25 AM  
    haha! i remember when my dad was with me here in orientation week last year.. we were driving around campus and saw the greek signs infront of several houses.. and i was like "wanasa.. sororities sijiya!" loool and then my dad goes "la tfakreeeen" :P
  7. Blogger Erzulie posted at 8:31 AM  
    Leeno: There's a difference between being naturally nice and fake niceness a.k.a. niceness with benefits. It was too fake...and flaky. I hardly mumbled the songs let alone memorize them like the other girls did. 'Just not my scene! :P

    Snookie: Haha! That's funny :P Well the thing is, my uni is pretty small; it's not a big-@$$ state uni where Greek life is a bit...risque, to say that least.
  8. Blogger Equalizer posted at 11:59 AM  
    LOL hahaha why am I not surpirsed.:p You want Greek life? I'll take you to Mykonos. Super Beach :p Poponaki baby!
  9. Blogger Erzulie posted at 7:12 PM  
    Equalizer: Well, THAT kind of Greek life I'll settle for :) I guess curiosity and boredom take you to some unexpected places...
  10. Blogger *pizzazz* posted at 7:27 PM  
    look at the bright side..
    if u hadn't joined, u wouldn't have gained this experience and written 3 whole posts about it ;P~
  11. Blogger Erzulie posted at 9:03 PM  
    Pizzazz: That's true!
  12. Blogger D.N.A posted at 4:27 PM  
    am i uncool for posting a comment on a month old blogg? i used pledge week to my advantage, became popular with international kids when id hail a group of huge jocks---brothers! brothers of the fraternity! i want to be one with you! very simple trick and man did they think i was sincere. if only they knew id rather be a dog roaming the afghan step in search for mines.

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